“Your costume is confusing my sexuality.” - some random dude

Dcon Saturday night 70s Tolkien Track party: Glam Rock Thranduil with Thorin and Alice.  Thorin discoed with such furious speed and intensity that he was a mere motion blur on the dance floor.

Thranduil’s coat and Thorin’s jumpsuit made by me, and they are by far the finest creations of my entire sewing career and should probably be featured as a promotional image on my website or something. Thranduil crown by rattle-and-burn.

Finally digging out ALEP photos that never got uploaded oops XD This one just kind of happened but I ended up really liking it

The two wielders of Orcrist~ (according to fan theory, anyways XD or I guess since that’s what the designers for the films went with, it’s film canon XD)

Ecthelion of the Fountain- aviva0017

Thorin Oakenshield- sashaforthewin


Cindy: elrohare, Kate: hellofeanor, Sasha: sashaforthewin, Marie: mythwine, Celia: aviva0017, Kerri: rattle-and-burn, Yvette: ymrtumbler, Angel: angelikesbutts