More awesome cosplays and friends!

@servicerevolver, @theconsultingredbeard, @kimbiablue, @coloringthegreyscale, @anotherwellkeptsecret, @sashaforthewin, @littleowls3, @hockeybella25


Cosplay Exhibition, 221B Con 2017!

It felt like it went a bit more quickly this year for some reason! Everyone’s cosplays were awesome. I don’t have everyone’s urls, but hopefully people will find themselves! These are the people I have:

Basil - @coloringthegreyscale

Holtzmann - @sashaforthewin

Johnlock Wedding Cake - myself (havetardiswilltimetravel)

Ice Prince Sherlock - @scienceofcumberbatch

Ice King Mycroft - @beardedtrekkies

Sherlock and John in front row - @servicerevolver and @theconsultingredbeard

@sassyaceari , @findawaytoshine , @drjohnlock@littleowls3 , @iwantthatbelstaffanditsoccupant, @bijou3owl , @thetinywendigo , @zhellyzee , @demonicsymphony , @timestitcher

Pictures taken by myself and @artfulkindoforder (thank you!)

(side note: Moana, who are you?? Loved your cosplay!)

(extra side note: does The Rock look like a ghost to anyone else or is that just me? >.> )


“The present company shall not be liable for injuries inflicted by or sustained as a consequence thereof, including, but not limited to…lacerations. Evisceration.
…… Incineration?”

Thorin: sashaforthewin

Bilbo: lowlysnackpack

Photographer: mongrelterritory


Cindy: elrohare, Kate: hellofeanor, Sasha: sashaforthewin, Marie: mythwine, Celia: aviva0017, Kerri: rattle-and-burn, Yvette: ymrtumbler, Angel: angelikesbutts



Costume made/worn by me, photos taken by sashaforthewin during an unplanned shoot at Dunguaire Castle, Ireland, which we found by accident when the GPS sent us on a terror adventure down tiny rural roads.  Ears by photoshop because seriously you guys it was hard enough changing into that outfit in a Nissan Micra.  Like hell I’d even try putting on prosthetic elf ears.


Slides from the Omegaverse panel that I co-hosted with dicktouching and sashaforthewin at Dashcon 2014.  

Many thank to dicktouching, who helped a great deal in the streamlinging of the information presented in these slides, and to cymbalism, who was kind enough to do a quick beta of the written text, though she should not be blamed for the grammar fail present in the flowcharts.  That’s 100% my fault. 

Fic rec list to follow.