alpha-cepheii  asked:

3, 5, 6, 16, 25, 29 for JeanSasha, 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 26 for AruAni and 14 for both, please? :3 (Hope it's not too much!)


3) Who is more into taking showers/baths together? Who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time? 
I think Jean is really into taking showers/baths to relax after training but then Sasha would definitely be the one to make it sexy time. 👀

5) Who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?
Come on, you know it’s Jean. >P 

6) Who takes photos of the other while they sleep?
Hmmm I feel like they both do but for different reasons. Jean would probably do it cause he just loves the way she looks when she’s asleep. All peaceful with her hair spread along the pillow. Very photogenic. But Sasha will take pictures if Jean is looking silly in his sleep or with his mouth wide open for that to her is cute. 

16) Who is more seductive when they are drunk? and who is louder in bed?
Eeeh I feel like Sasha is definitely a lot more open in general and could possibly be very seductive when she’s drunk but I feel like Jean could be as well. Showing a completely different side of him that Sasha finds amusing. 
Oh and, Sasha. 

25) Who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?
I feel like Jean says shitty puns cause he thinks he’s funny and since Sasha is such a tease, I’d say she makes the sex jokes to make him flustered. 

29) Who does some crazy stunt to try and impress the other and who ends up driving them to the emergency room after it backfires?
Sashaaaa most definitely gets hurt trying to impress Jean with some sort of reckless stunt and Jean takes her to the emergency room with a look of “I told you so” XD 

14)  Who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the others butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?
Sasha loved it when she first took his hand cause it flustered him quite a bit in public, and you know that’s Sasha grabbin dah booty. 👀 Jean most likely brings his arm around her waist and also grabs the belt loops. 


7) Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?
Armin for both definitely. <3 

8) Who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?
Annie obviously is a sweatshirt lover so she’ll probably buy him some only to wear them herself. (Guess she’s really just shopping for her self lol) 

9) Who wakes the other up in the middle of the night to tell them a cool dream they had? Who has the most nightmares, and who sings them back to sleep after?
Armin loves to tell her about his dreams! Yes, probably to the point of waking her up if he’s that excited but she doesn’t mind since he looks so happy. And Armin would most definitely sings Annie to sleep after she had a nightmare. <3 <3 

17) Who is more protective?
I’m pretty sure they both are.

18) Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?
Hmmmm Armin? 

26) Who kissed first?
Annie did after a stressful conversation most likely. 

14) Who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the others butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?
Armin starts the hand holding! That’s cute! Armin probably accidentally touched Annie’s butt before and freaked out but Annie actually liked it and probably kept his hand there. XD Annie wraps her arm around his waist and Armin probably does the belt loop thing. <3 <3 

Thanks so much for these! These were super fun!! :D