Pretty Little Liars Diagram every on screen hook up and murder

Was Alexis amazing? Yes. Was her characterization on point? Yes. But was she that funny? Debatable. Was her runway beautiful? Yes. Was it boring? Kind of. Was her win justified? Totally. But at the end of the day Sasha should have won. She picked someone who was definitely a challenge to make funny and she turned it out. Her humor was just so clever while Alexis was playing a big character very well. Also Sasha’s runway was so gag worthy. I’m glad Sasha got the recognition for how amazing she was but she deserved the win.

Headcanons: Liquor

Eren: I’m going to be a troll and say beer. Just because he’s German. He starts drinking it because why not? But ends up accidentally awakening the beast in him (wink wonk), and ends up liking it. Especially Jaëgarbombs. Is the angry drunk (srsly what did you expect?)

Armin: Is totally the type to have a wine cooler and be tripping all over himself. Insists that he’s fine and no he doesn’t need a ride home, but collapses 20 minutes later. Is the emotional drunk.

Jean: Would probably start off with something weak and eventually level up until he’s downing shots like water. May or may not end up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Is the clumsy drunk.

Connie: Would drink anything and everything. Is the type to claim they can handle all types of liquor but can barely slur out a word once he’s reached his limit. Is the calm, happy drunk.

Bertoldt: Ends up getting peer pressured by Reiner and is surprisingly still somewhat sober by the end of the night. Probably because of body mass and height. (Hehe body mass 😏) Is the one that holds his liquor mystically well.

Reiner: Is the type to drink straight from the keg, head first. Ends up falling asleep in it, is not found until next morning when incoherent mumbling is heard.

Mikasa: Is the designated driver. Only got drunk once, and the last person to speak about it was never seen again.

Sasha: Has a pretty normal alcohol tolerance, except she gets really hyper and daring. Jumped off the second floor. Does not remember how she broke her leg.

Annie: Can drink like an Irish man. Seriously. No one knows how. No one knows where or when or why.

Christa: Insists she’s lightly buzzed and proceeds to fight everyone who insists otherwise.

Ymir: Will fight whoever comes near Christa. (So like when she’s sober but 10x more aggressive) She gets really butt hurt about the smolest things. (Christa)

Mike: Just kind of sits there and smirks at everyone. It’s a little creepy.

Erwin: (His eyebrows absorb all liquor.) Tries to keep composure and fails miserably. At some point wakes up on the roof.

Hanji: (Don’t give her liquor. EVER) Is ready to conduct drunken experiments. Sets everything on fire.

Levi: (Pretending he can get drunk) Stares off into space contemplating the world and existence but when approached will go off on an emotional tangent. Likes to be cuddled when drunk.