sasha's shooting gallery

I am an art snob

OK, I know this is really snobby of me, but it drives me crazy when I watch Psychonauts playthroughs on Youtube and people describe Sasha’s aesthetic as Andy Warhol.  You could possibly make an argument that his clothing choices seem to resemble Andy Warhol’s (at least from what I’ve seen) but the art style is absolutely NOT anywhere near the same.  Like, not even remotely close.  I don’t even understand how people make this connection, unless there is an entire library of Andy Warhol art that I am unfamiliar with (and if that is the case, then someone please link me!).
Sasha’s office and mental-world aesthetic is very firmly rooted in Bauhaus style, maybe with a few minimalist elements, and maybe a dash of mid-century modern (although that is really more like Milla’s fashion and mental-world style, and the aesthetic of the houses in Boyd’s mind).  One of the most wonderful things about Psychonauts is how it takes inspiration from so many art styles, time periods and cultures, and it kind of grates on me when people confidently declare an art style incorrectly.  This is why we need funding for the arts in schools, kids.  :D

anonymous asked:


1. while none of the inmates are villified for their disorders, some of the mental illnesses were handled in a bit of an off-putting manner. fred’s DID doesn’t work like that with fred constantly switching in and out of his personality and napoleon taking over, but i feel like schafer and the team did a better job with mental illnesses over *deep sigh* dangan ronpa.

2. i’m glad kitty and franke had the holding hands idle animation that elton and milka do to show they’re a couple, but i would’ve have liked for them to be a little more romantic to show they are definitely gfs.

3. lili was a damsel in the second half of the story, so i’m sure they’re gonna rectify this in psychonauts 2.

4. i was really disappointed milla wasn’t available to be spoken to after basic braining like she only shows up after you beat sasha’s shooting gallery. i would’ve loved to see her hanging out with the kids!

5. i wish raz had a campster too and could interact with the kids…..please…..give me an updated campster.