sasha x milla


OK.  I realize that it is nowhere near New Year but inspiration hit me so I went for it.  It’s also probably my first time attempting anything in a comic-type format, so please forgive me if the order of the panels is confusing or it otherwise sucks.

Sasha and Milla share a New Years celebratory kiss.  I imagine this as “a kiss that you can pretend doesn’t mean anything because it’s a traditional thing but it totally does mean something, they’re just both still in denial.”  I took a great deal of inspiration from Mulder and Scully’s kiss in “Millennium”, which was also useful for referencing poses here.

Posting this to my regular as well as side-blog, because I am proud of this.  :B

Sasha: *doing some technology mumbo jumbo*

Raz: Hey Sasha! Look over there!

Sasha: I am not easily distracted, Razputin.

Raz: *frowns and then thinks*

Raz: Oh my god, Sasha! There’s a horrible creature right behind you!

Sasha: ……..

Raz: No, I’m serious! Turn around!

Sasha: ……..

Raz: *frowns again*

Raz: Milla is right behind you.

Sasha: *turns head in a second*

Sasha: Where?

Raz: *smirks* Gotcha!

Psychothoughts and more shipping

I am in a full-blown obsessive mania over Psychoanuts and Sasha/Milla, in case it wasn’t already obvious.  I am taking all my meds like I’m supposed to, but sometimes the crazybrains still wins out, manifesting as a one-track mind, not sleeping as much or eating right, and drawing A LOT.  The not sleeping or eating well isn’t ideal, but at least I’m artistically productive.  So often those things seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?

Anyway, I’m thinking about everything in the whole demo, of course, but I’m really latching onto “Milla, I need to tell you something…” with the mutual longing, reaching grabby-hands.  I am so anxious about how that is going to play out.
 Are crazy things going to happen right after that, so the subject gets dropped and subsequently forgotten in the ensuing chaos?  If I were Milla, I wouldn’t forget that moment unless I got a serious bump on the head right after!  But how do you bring that up later? “Um, Sasha, what were you about to tell me right before we almost died?”  It very much fits the cliche “true love confession when you think you’re going to die” moment, but knowing Tim, he could totally mess with us.  Is Sasha going to say something mundane like, “Uh, I just wanted to let you know you’re awesome at levitation” or “I forgot I left the brain tumbler on”.  Or is he going to go ahead and make that major step 10 minutes into the sequel?  And we can all be pretty sure that such a confession would be immediately embraced by Milla, based on canon evidence that she’s already sweet on him.
I gotta say, as a person with a thing for long, drawn out, unresolved sexual and romantic tension between co-workers (a precedent set by watching The X-Files during my formative adolescent years, haha), I kind of hope it takes a longer time over the course of the games for love declarations/romantic relationship progression… I would LOVE IT if they awkwardly dance around that situation and their attraction to one another all through RoR and way into Psychonauts 2, but hey!  I’ll take what I can get, and would 100000% be happy if they just spilled their guts right after the plane crash and totally make out and then continue to be a super awesome power couple for the rest of the games, except now with kissing.  
Tim Schafer has turned me into a monster with his talks of making the Sasha Milla Kissing Game someday… and someday is now.

Guten Nacht

Sasha blinks and turns the monitor off. Looking around, checking to make sure that nobody’s there, he removes his glasses telekinetically. He sets them down, rubbing his temples, and then the bridge of his nose where his glasses have been sitting for the last twelve hours. Ford noticed how long he was working overtime, and mandated a bedtime for him. It was twelve minutes past that time. He’d nag Sasha’s ear off again if he found him up. Sasha feels a bit disgruntled by this. It made him feel like a child. But Ford had a point. Sasha would probably never go to bed at this rate if his boss didn’t make him.

Levitation makes things a little easier when you’re tired. Milla wishes he wouldn’t just hover everywhere, but it’s not something worth bringing up. It’s a harmless habit. Sasha enters the bedroom, and Milla helps him into his pajamas, placing his glasses on the nightstand. His head settles tiredly on her shoulder, and she stifles a pleased squeak as his hands wrap contentedly around her waist. 

He’s happy around her. He doesn’t say it, but it’s practically written on his face. As stoic as he pretends to be, there’s no denying he’s truely happy.

@quantumtardis said: lol this post is so cute. I think Sasha was probably going to say something caring and candid, but will probably chicken out when pressed about it. I think their stint as teachers probably caused them to privately re-evaluate their professional distance - the obstacles for a relationship between secret agent partners aren’t there for teachers. But if they’re launched back into being agents for RoR and Psychonauts 2, that might put the breaks on it again.

Oh man, I totally agree with all of this.  I love the idea of their teaching stint making them re-evaluate their relationship, once they were out of their usual secret agent working environment and possibly seeing another side of one another.  And your theory that being thrust back into secret agent work during at least RoR will put any “caring and candid” (I LOVE that phrasing!) confessions on hold makes a lot of sense, sadly, haha!