sasha robertson

Things I loved about TWD Finale:

* Sasha went out on her terms.
* Carzekiel is freaking badass and I ship them so much more.
* Shiva is that bitch and shouldn’t be messed with.
* Carl, my precious son of whom I did not birth, started the war.
* Judy, seeing her safely away from the war zone. Now I’m wondering who took her there. But alas, her brother’s girlfriend aka Enid is taking care of her.
* Rick Grimes literally being completely over with all of Negan’s shit and is determined to kill him even if it’s the very last thing he do. Come what may, Negan is fucking dead in his mind and I look forward to having that bloodthirsty Rick in season 8. He’s utterly at wits end so bye bye douche bag aka Negan.
* Michonne fighting a bitch with all of her injuries and winning.
* Grimes 2.0 tender reunion.
* Rick at his wife’s bedside.
* Maggie and Jesus being the ones to lay Sasha to eternal rest. Sleep on, my dear (we’ll catch you on Star Trek 😇)
* In the end, I love that they all know what needs to be done and that is to kill Negan. It’s a mission in everyone’s mind and heart. Come what may, Negan is yesterdays trash.