sasha pokemon


With only two days left to go, better brush up on Beyond the Northern Wall where our epic story began!!!

tftbl pokemon style mimicry

oh god it feels so wrong to draw in anime style again, but this was actually really fun

i guess this also counts as a crossover/AU?

i was gonna draw fiona and rhys in their other outfit, but i got lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i might draw it later

battle themes:

future fiona - vs. zinnia

future rhys - vs. team aqua/magma

sasha - vs. korrina

vaughn - vs. colress

Shingeki no Kyojin pokemon GO headcanons (modern au)
  • Hanji uses a swegway/skateboard/rollerskates to get around. They then trip over and smashes their phone
  • Connie spends all of his money on pokeballs
  • Mike names his Pokemon really weird names
  • Sasha is ruthless when looking for Pokemon, and ass kicks Jean when he follows her and steals them
  • Armin rules all of the gyms in their city
  • Bertolt is really bad at throwing pokeballs so he uses Reiner to help him
  • Levi likes playing but he only catches the common Pokemon and backs Hanji up in the gyms
  • Nanaba is bad at the game and all the Pokemon stay away from her
  • Erwin plays in his spare time and has a Charizard
  • Armin uses Jean and Eren to help him catch Pokemon
  • Annie’s backyard has a lot of rare types and a pokestop so Mikasa has to sneak in
  • Annie finds out what she’s doing and beats Mikasa up
  • Levi lets Eren use the pokestop outside his house if he does jobs for him
  • Jean is good at catching Pokemon and tries to capture Armin’s gyms
  • Ymir and Historia like the ghost and water type Pokemon
My problem with favoritism

First, I wanted to say that I’m posting this in multiple tags because it might be to apply to fiction in general.

I wish Samurai Warriors were a book or an anime where people could discuss about the depth of the story and the characters in general.

The gaming community in general are many closed minds to see to be certain interesting issues that can be discussed.

As in Spirit of Sanada, we have the Toyotomi clan with over 300,000 soles against just over 20,000 of the Hojo clan. All because Ujimasa does not want to surrender.

And what does the Toyotomi clan do? Resolves to kill innocent men, women and children to intimidate the Hojo and force them to surrender. I always see people talking that they had no choices …

Well, they could continue to use these soldiers to die to fight against other soldiers willing to die. It is not a particularly difficult situation to think about!

And yet this also applies to other manga like Attack on Titan, where the characters resort to torture because “we’re desperate,” but in the end that scene did not add up at all.

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that things have to be black and white or that the characters may not be morally gray, but I want it to be recognized by the fandom.

It is also hypocritical to forgive or see the good side of pragmatic characters (Levi), so ignore characters who have been good most of the time (Armin, Historia and Sasha, let some people forget that she killed someone in self-defense and lost the hunger for it).

I do not know where Reiner fits because while he is pragmatic there are several characters who hates him, he acknowledges that he did horrible things and the fandom treats him as such, but I no one be like “my precious baby is perfect and should not be criticized because he had a difficult past.”

And returning to Samurai Warriors, some people still had the courage to defend themselves that the Hojo are not holy because Ujiyasu threatened to kill deserters.

I had not even said that the Hojo were innocent, but that Toyotomi was exceedingly cruel. Even in the Siege of Odawara in SW4, Takakage admitted that that whole battle was to show Hideyoshi’s power over the country. Not a necessary evil that they are forced to do.

Please, it is not me who am saying that my favorites do nothing wrong, but it is obvious that Toyotomi does more because they … Well, they appear longer.

But in the context, Ujiyasu was already dead, Ujimasa was only a poorly developed NPC, Kai was forced to go to Osaka only to make friends while forgetting Hayakawa, who wanted to surrender from the beginning, receives nothing but to have stayed in Kanto doing something that was not clear.

And Nobuyki wore the same clothes since the adolescent.

Sorry for rambling or if my point is not clear, but I’m just tired of seeing people with simple mentality of black and white, but ignores favorened those who are more "dark” at the expense of the most good and resilient.

Not wanting to be rude, but it’s just my opinion.