sasha pokemon

tftbl pokemon style mimicry

oh god it feels so wrong to draw in anime style again, but this was actually really fun

i guess this also counts as a crossover/AU?

i was gonna draw fiona and rhys in their other outfit, but i got lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i might draw it later

battle themes:

future fiona - vs. zinnia

future rhys - vs. team aqua/magma

sasha - vs. korrina

vaughn - vs. colress

Shingeki no Kyojin pokemon GO headcanons (modern au)
  • Hanji uses a swegway/skateboard/rollerskates to get around. They then trip over and smashes their phone
  • Connie spends all of his money on pokeballs
  • Mike names his Pokemon really weird names
  • Sasha is ruthless when looking for Pokemon, and ass kicks Jean when he follows her and steals them
  • Armin rules all of the gyms in their city
  • Bertolt is really bad at throwing pokeballs so he uses Reiner to help him
  • Levi likes playing but he only catches the common Pokemon and backs Hanji up in the gyms
  • Nanaba is bad at the game and all the Pokemon stay away from her
  • Erwin plays in his spare time and has a Charizard
  • Armin uses Jean and Eren to help him catch Pokemon
  • Annie’s backyard has a lot of rare types and a pokestop so Mikasa has to sneak in
  • Annie finds out what she’s doing and beats Mikasa up
  • Levi lets Eren use the pokestop outside his house if he does jobs for him
  • Jean is good at catching Pokemon and tries to capture Armin’s gyms
  • Ymir and Historia like the ghost and water type Pokemon

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i’m tagging @mintmoongi as they were the one that drew that real good pikachu (go check out @kemchea on insta/twitter)

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(radlad is from the upcoming game @ooblets)

REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )

currently playing:

- Griffith ( Berserk ) || @falconiidae
- Shahirah Golshiri ( Overwatch OC | Low Activity ) || @warprima

have played/might bring back:

- Bayonetta || Bayonetta (probably gonna reboot her idk)
- The Batter || OFF
- Deoxys || Pokemon
- Sasha Kaidonovsky || Pacific Rim
- Cherno Alpha || Pacific Rim

want to play:

- Ludwig, The Holy Blade || Bloodborne (probably gonna end up making… )
- Dragonslayer Ornstein || Dark Souls 
- UB-04 Celesteela || Pokemon
- Powder Keg Maverick Leslie || Bloodborne OC

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