sasha pokemon

tftbl pokemon style mimicry

oh god it feels so wrong to draw in anime style again, but this was actually really fun

i guess this also counts as a crossover/AU?

i was gonna draw fiona and rhys in their other outfit, but i got lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i might draw it later

battle themes:

future fiona - vs. zinnia

future rhys - vs. team aqua/magma

sasha - vs. korrina

vaughn - vs. colress

Pokemon Go!SNK headcanons
  • Eren is that Team Valor member. you know the one. He’ll wake up at 4am to check his notifications and notice that there’s a Venonat only 3 paws away. Mikasa yells at him because “Eren it’s only a Venonat, you’ve got like ten of these go the fuck to sleep
  • of course he doesn’t listen. He’s the type to wander through his neighbourhood at 4:30 in the morning, chasing that one specific Pokemon
  • and when he’s finally caught it after encountering 20 Rattatas and a dozen Pidgeys, waking up his neighbours and running straight into a trash can, he notices that he’s got no idea where the fuck he is
  • He calls Mikasa to get him. she’s not pleased
  • Mikasa’s got fifteen 1200+ CP and probably a legendary Pokemon, but her favourite is a 433 CP Squirtle. she caught it very early in the game and became attached to it
  • she always has to look out for Eren when he’s playing Pokemon Go though
    “Eren, there’s a lot of traffic here”
    “you just ran a red light”
  • Armin is Eren’s partner in crime. they spend entire afternoons at the park to ‘catch new Pokemon’ (they may or may not be dating)
  • But Armin is also the biggest nerd. Complete Pokemon trash. Dominates every Blue gym within a radius of 5km. try taking down his 2159 CP Dragonite. he’ll kick your ass
  • Both Sasha and Connie are Team Instinct. they always go Pokemon hunting together. They’re the type of players who order a five course meal at a restaurant only to be allowed to stay there longer and exploit other people’s lures
  • Jean constantly tries to take down Armin’s blue and Eren’s red gyms but fails miserably. all. the. time. Blames it on Team Instinct
  • Annie doesn’t seem like much of a Pokemon Go player at all, but you’ll be surprised when you see her collection of rare Pokemon. She likes to keep her obsession secret though
  • She’s a Nerd in Disguise™ and always adds her strongest Pokemon to Armin’s blue Gyms.
  • Reiner was one of the first to download the game but lost interest at like Level 9
  • Bertholdt: Nerd in Disguise™ 2.0
  • Historia loves her 21 CP bulbasaur even though it’s totally useless
  • Ymir thinks she’s cool but isn’t. total loser. joined the yellow team because she thinks they’re the best. embarrasses herself in front of Historia a lot by bumping into lamp posts and people
  • Hanji: very enthusiastic about every Pokemon they find, even if it’s the 500th Weedle. names every single Pokemon and will hiss at you if you even suggest transferring one of their 13948 Zubats to the professor
  • also “who needs sleep. time isn’t real and there’s a Nidorino nearby”
  • Levi doesn’t know what all the hype is about and gets really pissed at all the kids crowding his yard (poor guy’s got a pokestop directly in front of his house)
  • he eventually decides to download Pokemon Go only to become addicted to it very, very quickly. He’ll make excuses like “I’m texting four eyes” or “I’m calling an uber” when he’s really playing Pokemon Go and Eren knows but one glare of Levi was enough to make him keep his mouth shut
  • feel free to add your own headcanons
Shingeki no Kyojin pokemon GO headcanons (modern au)
  • Hanji uses a swegway/skateboard/rollerskates to get around. They then trip over and smashes their phone
  • Connie spends all of his money on pokeballs
  • Mike names his Pokemon really weird names
  • Sasha is ruthless when looking for Pokemon, and ass kicks Jean when he follows her and steals them
  • Armin rules all of the gyms in their city
  • Bertolt is really bad at throwing pokeballs so he uses Reiner to help him
  • Levi likes playing but he only catches the common Pokemon and backs Hanji up in the gyms
  • Nanaba is bad at the game and all the Pokemon stay away from her
  • Erwin plays in his spare time and has a Charizard
  • Armin uses Jean and Eren to help him catch Pokemon
  • Annie’s backyard has a lot of rare types and a pokestop so Mikasa has to sneak in
  • Annie finds out what she’s doing and beats Mikasa up
  • Levi lets Eren use the pokestop outside his house if he does jobs for him
  • Jean is good at catching Pokemon and tries to capture Armin’s gyms
  • Ymir and Historia like the ghost and water type Pokemon