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Best worst decision: beating Bravely Default during finals week. So, post- game thoughts:

  • Play this game with a good pair of headphones on, because the music is excellent. A+ to Revo and Linked Horizon.
  • The class system makes it so that there’s pretty much no 100% right way to build a party, and I love it.
  • Characterization is gradual and kind of understated, which I appreciate. It’s nice to just watch the characters interact with each other and grow instead of just spouting “I am” or “I feel” dialogue.
  • Every class design looks cool except for Time Mage. They got shafted. :|
  • I’m not really sure how this happened, but I definitely felt like I was having trouble getting magic to do a lot of damage in the endgame, even after Salve-Maker debuffs. I had a level 99 party and the best gear, so…I dunno. Physical attacks were hitting like nobody’s business, but I just couldn’t get the same kind of damage out of magic (even the -aja spells!). I have a thing about magic in RPGs and really wanted to use black magic in the endgame, so that was kind of a bummer. :(
  • 3D isn’t an absolute requirement to enjoy this game, but it is used beautifully, especially in towns and special move animations. It enhances the visuals, rather than being gimmicky, and I personally like that approach.

Okay, spoiler time:

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