sasha nolan

Buzzfeed Q&A:
  • Buzzfeed: If you had to switch moms with anyone on the show, which mom would you choose?
  • Shay: Easy, Mrs. DiLaurentis for me. Mostly because I just love her.
  • Lucy: Mrs. Hastings, she’s a badass.
  • Sasha: I love her.
  • Troian: Mrs. DiLaurentis or Mrs. Marin.
  • Ashley: I wouldn’t switch. I love Ashley so much. Laura [Leighton’s] great. But Andrea Parker is amazing. Everybody’s amazing.
  • Troian: I’d wanna make Nolan North play my mom. Nolan who plays my dad, I'd wanna make him play my mom.
  • Ashley: Shay wants Nolan to play her boyfriend because she thinks he’s hot.
  • Shay: Yeah.. *laughs*
  • Troian: Yeah, you need to stop hitting on my dad. It’s unprofessional, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s been happening for two years now.

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