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Here’s my theory to who hit Ali in the head and who pushed Marion Cavanaugh.

And remember this is just a theory. No way am I affiliated with PLL.

Side Note: not everything may add up but it’s an idea I came up with.

I think Spencer has a twin sister who takes the place of Ali’s twin in the books. Think about it.

Say Spencer’s twin was in Radley(the show could figure out some excuse for why Spence never saw her in 3B). And say this twin (call her Courtney Hastings) hated her twin sister, Spencer.

Now say Courtney made “friends” with Bethany Young, who was also a patient in Radley and was buried in Ali’s place. If for some reason Courtney pushed Marion off the roof, Bethany could have been a witness, therefore her drawing of Marion falling.

After doing some digging, Peter Hastings finds this out himself. That his psycho daughter that their family doesn’t like to bring up often is the one who pushed Toby’s mom, therefore giving him to motive to want to “shut Toby up”.

(Never forget how uncomfortable Peter/Spencer were in 4x14 when Toby was talking about Radley).

Now back to the Alison. Maybe Jessica, who was on the board at Radley, only knew Bethany escaped Radley that night, when in reality both Bethany and Courtney escaped. But she did know that both girls were friends or allies. This would explain all the cryptic comments about the Hastings family to Ali (she would know stuff about the Hastings because being on board at Radley Sanitarium), but it would also match up with my main point in this theory.

What if Courtney hit Alison in the head with a rock, maybe because she hated Mrs. D or maybe she just knew Ali was Spencer’s friend and hated everything to do with her sister.

Clearly, the person who hit Alison over the head with a rock had something over Mrs. D. Maybe Bethany knew about the affair with Peter Hastings(Jessica has done a lot to keep Jason’s paternity a secret.) Maybe she did something in Radley, maybe she has another secret that Bethany would know that made Jessica bury Alison alive.

Now what if Courtney became paranoid though and turned on Bethany. What if Bethany, who was an innocent bystander, but witnessed all Courtney had done, got murdered by Courtney, in order to keep her quiet and/or to cover when Ali came out of the ground with Grunwald’s help.

This theory also matches up with Melissa’s inconsistencies. She claims to be “protecting” Spencer from the truth. She was seen on the phone-possibly trying to figure out where her sister Courtney was/what trouble she was causing. She ran into Alison’s house, as seen in video, claiming to be looking for Ian but she said “where is she!” Everyone thinks its Alison she’s talking about but what if it’s Courtney Hastings, Spencer’s crazy twin. 

This also explains why Melissa and Peter would be protecting the girl who hurt Alison and killed Bethany. Peter said he always did what was best for his family. Crazy or not, it’s his kid.

And Melissa’s comment about blood(family ties) being slippery would make sense.

And Peter in 4x15, saying to Spencer, “if you keep pushing, you’ll ruin our family.” If he didn’t her knowing what her twin did, maybe because she’d never forgive Courtney for hurting Marion/Alison, maybe because Veronica doesn’t know what Courtney did, maybe just because he doesn’t want their family name ruined.

Now, the next thing. Jessica blamed Spencer the very next day after Ali went missing, when she clearly saw who hit her daughter. What if she wasn’t lying though and she actually believed that it was Spencer. If she didn’t know that Courtney had escaped(maybe she sneaked back in and they never knew. Mona did that multiple times.)

Now Peter has something on Jessica, something shut her up. What if it’s the same thing that made her willing to bury Alison.

This wouldn’t be farfetched with how sneaky the Hastings family is. They (at least used to) care so much for appearances, well a crazy-criminally insane daughter would be enough of a blemish to want to cover up. And remember how much Veronica didn’t want Spencer in Radley in 3B? Maybe just being a concerned mother, maybe didn’t want her to get caught up with her twin.

Side Note again: In 2x24, Melissa threatened Spencer to be careful and said she’d seen videos that make her look pretty bad, not necessarily saying that she did anything wrong. What if it’s a video of Courtney Hastings doing something ? Identical twins, therefore it may be incriminating to Spencer ? Alison saying she isn’t sure she could trust all the liars in 4x16 and her not denying in 4x24 that Spencer was the one she couldn’t trust. Maybe she knows about Courtney and wasn’t sure that Spencer wasn’t in cahoots with her sister.

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