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Inkotober 24th: one dozen. Just twelve left alive (not sure about Ymir and Annie but- I WANT TO BELIEVE) I am not okay


Here’s the truth: friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories, but they are often discussed as if they are ancillary, “bonus” relationships to the truly important ones. Women’s friendships outlast jobs, parents, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, and sometimes children. (inspiration)

I ship Emison because...

after all we had the proof that Alison is not -A. After all, people could see that they should’ve believed her words. After all we can be sure that all she told Emily came from the bottom of her heart. After all, Emison shippers stayed. And we’ll wait. Because after all, the point of Emison is not who’s part of Emily’s journey, but who is her end. Who her heart really belongs to. Alison never stopped loving Emily and I’m sure she feels the same. Emison is endgame.

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