sasha lord


Album+Art Tribute to the Queen Bey’s Studio Albums

Dangerously in Love + La Nuit by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

B'Day + Girl in Green by Lord Frederick Leighton

I Am… Sasha Fierce + Silver by Albert Joseph Moore

4 + Ianthe by John William Godward

Beyoncé + Untitled (Black on Grey) by Mark Rothko

Lemonade + Natural princess by Sophie Anderson


At 6 feet 3 inches he was the tallest Romanov since Peter the Great but with this height went a heavy build and a complete lack of grace - he shambeled along like a great Russian bear. His physical strength was amazing. He could straighten horseshoes with his bare hands, bend iron bars and smash through doors with his massive shoulders. His health was excellent and his appetite enormous. Behind his somewhat gruff exterior and rather formidable appearance there was a placid, even-tempered, generous man who was devoted to his family, loved animals and children and was almost transparently honest. At a ball he responded to the formal thank you of a German princess; “Why can’t you be honest? It was just a duty neither of us could have relished. I have ruined your slippers and you have made me nearly sick with the scent you use.”

Little Mother of Russia - Coryne Hall