sasha lord


Album+Art Tribute to the Queen Bey’s Studio Albums

Dangerously in Love + La Nuit by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

B'Day + Girl in Green by Lord Frederick Leighton

I Am… Sasha Fierce + Silver by Albert Joseph Moore

4 + Ianthe by John William Godward

Beyoncé + Untitled (Black on Grey) by Mark Rothko

Lemonade + Natural princess by Sophie Anderson

toshikijeevas  asked:

If the characters where in an Adventure Time setting who would be who? *sorry for all the questions, iv waited 5 months for this*

Eren would be Finn, Connie would be Jake, Jean would be the Ice King, Erwin would be Princess Bubblegum, Mikasa would be Flame Princess, Levi would be Lord Lemongrab, Sasha would be Marceline and Marco would be lady rainicorn

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