sasha hell

i don’t mean to be insensitive because apparently kathy griffin really put little barron trump through it with that picture of herself pretending to hold donald’s decapitated head or whatever but i can’t help but to be reminded of the hell that sasha and malia had to go through since the day their father announced his run for office

like just the coverage this is getting + the emphasis on barron’s mental state and the outcry of “think about the children” is wild because when white supremacists all over this dumb ass country were constructing puppets of barack obama so they could lynch them and set them on fire / drawing cartoons of him as a primate / making posters asking for his birth certificates and wishing death upon that man / etc. the media did not give one inch of a whole fuck! so much so that it’s even to the point where people today are saying “what if we had been this violent when obama was in office” which is either some really selective memory or (if i’m giving them the benefit of the doubt) they really had no idea this was going on

my point is that this is literally a prime example of black girls being robbed of their childhoods + being expected to be graceful about it lmao no one was thinking about obama’s children when they were stringing a dummy modeled after his likeness up a tree as a whole crowd of demons crowded around it for a hardy fucking chuckle so why am i, a good person, expected to care just because barron’s imagination ran away from him like i’m sorry that doesn’t sit well with me especially after the shit sasha and malia had to endure at the expense of some ugly racist adults

no one ever wants to protect black children and that’s just a snapple fact

Season 9 Queens: Best Performances

Aja vogues the house down

Alexis Michelle REVEALS the best of Broadway

Charlie Hides as Melania Trump (BONUS: Holds her own with Bianca Del Rio)

Eureka has got it! Moves, reveals and more

Farrah Moan REVEALS glam in pink and black

Jaymes Mansfield can sew

Kimora Blac knows how to do sexy

Nina Bo’nina Brown transforms James St. James in a Disney legend

Peppermint is a professional singer and she’s catchy as hell

Sasha Velour does Nosferatu as Buffalo Bil (no, really) BONUS: She’s a goddamn performance artist

Shea Coulee made a fucking movie with Kim Chi and Pearl

Trinity Taylor gives body-ody-ody

Valentina gives grace, face and beauty EN ESPAÑOL  


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