sasha fierce era

I underestimated Beyoncé as an artist. Even though I stanned for her, I grossly I underestimated her. I put most of my stock in her value as a performer and as a hitmaker. And when self titled happen, I thought: Damn. There’s no way that she can top this. This is the pinnacle of her career. And I was wrong. I was so, so, so wrong. If I look back at her career, she has consistently exceeded the expectations placed on her. And from “4” onwards, she’s improved so drastically as a musician that it’s scary. Her transition from hitmaker to album artist is so beautiful and unexpected and I’m so proud of her. She deserves the accolades that she’s received and so many more. She’s worked her ass off to be better than anyone expected her to be and better, honestly, than she needed to be. Sasha Fierce era Bey would already have gone down in history as the centerpiece of Destiny’s Child and the pop culture phenomenon responsible for Crazy in Love and Single Ladies and a million other huge hits. And she could have kept churning out megahit singles but she went further. She wasn’t satisfied with anything less than her very best, and she wasn’t satisfied with staying the same. And now she’s a legend.

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