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some thoughts on the rpdr9 finale

So I’ve seen a lot of things lately in the RuPaul’s Drag Race tag about Sasha winning and I have some thoughts to share.

Most of what I’ve seen is some people saying that Sasha is boring and isn’t truly “revolutionizing” drag or changing anything and didn’t deserve the win, and I strongly disagree.

Sasha Velour brings a face to drag that is more than just “a man dressing as a woman”, it’s drag that is androgynous and breaks gender boundaries and gender roles. Sasha’s message all along has been that gender is a construct and that embracing yourself and loving yourself is much more meaningful than fitting the standard of “normal”. She’s weird and so unapologetically herself and very deserving of the win.

Not to say that Trinity, Shea, and Peppermint were not! Peppermint herself broke so many boundaries and stereotypes by embracing her identity as a trans woman and was JUST as deserving as Sasha. I wholeheartedly think that there were no bad outcomes for the winner, but I’m tired of seeing others put Sasha down because she has a good heart and the vision and smarts to change the world.

tldr; please stop hating on Sasha Velour for winning drag race s9, she was just as deserving as the other 3


Detective!Marco, Jean and soon to show their faces, Sasha and Connie with special agent!Eren and Armin. 

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