sasha and minnie

The fact that a literal giant of a man like Alexander III was totally terrified of making his itty bitty wife mad is so hilarious to me.

To quote his youngest daughter Olga in a biography of her:

“My father had the strength of a Hercules, but he never showed off when other people were present. He told us that he could bend horseshoes and cutlery quite easily, but did not dare do it because my mother would have been furious. Yet once in the study he bent an iron poker and then straightened it out. I remember how he kept his eyes on the door in case someone were to come in!”


Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[4/5] Royal Films/Shows you want to see - Sasha and Minnie

 Sasha and Minnie is the story of the future Alexander III and Dagmar of Denmark. Princess Dagmar is engaged to the charming and intelligent heir to the Russian throne, Nicholas Alexandrovich. To everyone’s shock, he dies of meningitis at the age of just 21, leaving her devastated. She had already become very attached to Russia, and remains close with her former fiancee’s parents. Nicholas’ last wish was said to have been for her to marry his younger brother, and a year later the two are engaged. Dagmar converts to Russian Orthodoxy just before the marriage, and her name is changed to Maria Feodorovna. The giant, almost bear like Alexander and his small and energetic bride seem like a mismatched pair at first glance, but they are very much in love and the movie ends with their grand wedding in St. Petersburg.

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