sasha and milla

So, we learn in Rhombus of Ruin that Sasha is a space nerd: he’s interested in extra-terrestrials and it’s implied that he may know about constellations.  So I had to draw him and Milla out stargazing and talking about all the possibilities of the universe humanity has yet to discover.

I might work on this more later, but for now it’s gonna stay like this.  Pencil and Copic multiliner.


After I posted that old Milla dress doodle, I couldn’t stop thinking about my “Psychonauts annual ball” headcanon, so I drew all this stuff.

Raz is probably posing for a picture. Don’t know why I gave him a bowtie, just felt right. Lili’s been going to these for years, so she knows the drill. She’s never had a date before, though, so that’s new. I tried to give her look an early 2000s flavor.

It’s traditional to wear something in the same color as your psi-power, but Milla never repeats a dress and she was running out fuchsia options after so many years, so this one is gold. The shoes are pink, though. Sasha doesn’t really want to be there, and he's protesting slightly by not wearing a tux. But the invitation does say “black tie optional,” so he’s not technical breaking any rules.