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random TRaM trivia

evgenia loves watching super trashy reality TV shows and cooking competitions, especially after exercising a lot. it somehow makes up for all the exhaustion.

kieren is a big soccer (“IT’S CALLED FOOTBALL!!!”) fan because of detective conan and while hes not that invested into professional playing he loves to learn how to do cool tricks with the ball. it just looks so cool.

blanche is so obsessed with making sure shes the best in school that every year she learns both her current year’s program AND the next. it’s very tiring but its her only motivation. despite getting many 18, 19 and 20/20, she still feels like she has to be better.

up until now, ethan has only been into really crappy environments and due to circumstances hes had to do some shady stuff and got into lots of fights. hes actually a pretty laid back and smart guy who wants to avoid trouble.

sasha was originally in the art section of (french) highschool but decided to redo his last year in the science section so he could watch over his sister. she teases him about it but she’s glad he did it. plus, she gets to be all smug about knowing more stuff than he does. he still draws a lot though.

Happy Hearts Intro pt. 4

Last but not least, The dream girl, Isla Wynter. 

Beautiful, stoner goddess. She wears sunshine like a halo.

 Not only is she out of my league but she’s been with the same guy since we started HS four years ago. Doesn’t mean I can ignore her beauty, or the way my heart speeds up when she’s around.    

Intro pt. 3 / Chapter 1

artykyn  asked:

What kind of stuff does Sasha specialize in drawing, or prefer to draw most? As in, people, animals, flowers...

he likes to draw really girly, “typical shoujo” shit, so hes gonna draw lots of people with long hair and flower petals flyin around and shit