sasha & aleksis


During their panel, Heather Doerksen and Robert Maillet mentioned a deleted scene in Pacific Rim where the triplets knock over the Kaidonovsky’s boombox. Intimidating face offs ensued. It was supposed to be a scene that established that both groups were tough, but Del Toro cut it out because “It’s too West Side Story!!!" 

I want you to know that I actually had to rewatch WSS scenes for reference. I want you to know that I suffered for this comic.


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I have the superpower of unconsciously knowing exactly which character is going to die and making them my favorite.

Things I want to see in Pacific Rim 2
  • Sasha Kaidanovsky
  • Aleksis Kaidanovsky
  • The pilots of Cherno Alpha, the oldest active Jaeger,  Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky
  • The rangers with the longest and most stable neural handshake, the Kaidanovskys
  • The people responsible for the Siberian Wall being unbreached for six years, Lt. and Lt. Kaidanovsky
  • Just give me a film about the Kaidanovskys please

Pacific Rim - the video game

today we are canceling the apocalypse!

Dear Academy,

Lone Ranger gets nominated for best Visual Effects but not Pacific Rim, which was incredible in it’s attention to detail and physics, which was a beautifully orchestrated film altogether, and whose visual effects impressed even the people who didn’t necessarily like the story all that much? Seriously, get your shit together.

No love,
The Pacific Rim Fandom



Balance, love, and harmony. The Kaidonovskys, the married pilots, embodied these traits. Their success as pilots came from their sincerity, trust, and affection for one another; they held the record for longest drift at eighteen hours.

Not surprisingly, the Lovers card is associated with Venus, for whom the myrtle wreath above Cherno Alpha’s head is a symbol. The phlox leaves below stand for harmony. The card is traditionally linked with the number six; the Kaidonovskys successfully defended the Siberian coastline for six years, and through their career as pilots they killed six kaiju. Similar to many other depictions of the Lovers, the Hermit (Cherno) is present, giving his blessing to the couple.

I’ve been trying to stay away from heavily symmetrical compositions as a general rule, but this was one of those cases where I felt it was appropriate. Duality and balance were some of the central tenets of designing this card, and any asymmetrical compositions I sketched out felt unstable. In addition, circles figure heavily in the card, as a circle recalls harmony and completeness.