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I have the superpower of unconsciously knowing exactly which character is going to die and making them my favorite.


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ain’t no party like a Cherno Alpha ugly Christmas sweater party, am I right?

I wanted to leave this as a surprise for @explodinghye’s holiday card but I realized that by the time it reaches her it’ll be out of season, so you get to see it here first. Happy holidays to my fellow Pacific Arcana people, and to you Pacific Rim fans out there!

Because you know you want to

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Balance, love, and harmony. The Kaidonovskys, the married pilots, embodied these traits. Their success as pilots came from their sincerity, trust, and affection for one another; they held the record for longest drift at eighteen hours.

Not surprisingly, the Lovers card is associated with Venus, for whom the myrtle wreath above Cherno Alpha’s head is a symbol. The phlox leaves below stand for harmony. The card is traditionally linked with the number six; the Kaidonovskys successfully defended the Siberian coastline for six years, and through their career as pilots they killed six kaiju. Similar to many other depictions of the Lovers, the Hermit (Cherno) is present, giving his blessing to the couple.

I’ve been trying to stay away from heavily symmetrical compositions as a general rule, but this was one of those cases where I felt it was appropriate. Duality and balance were some of the central tenets of designing this card, and any asymmetrical compositions I sketched out felt unstable. In addition, circles figure heavily in the card, as a circle recalls harmony and completeness.

Man from UNCLE/Pacific Rim AU

If ever the Kaidonovskys are in trouble, they know they can go to Illya Kuryakin. Despite his mental issues disqualifying him for the Russian program, Illya has piloted the Cherno more than once, with either Sasha or Aleksis. Always on the shadows, like a secret weapon, the collaboration of Kuryakin and the Kaidonovskys is as effective as it is Russian

The KickStarter for the Pacific Rim Tarot Cards is live!

I did three cards in this set so I’ll post them gradually. This was my take on the Prince of Cups.

A card with synonymous ties to the Major Arcana of The Lovers, the Prince of Cups is a card that is steeped in the mastery of emotional desire and want. A conquerer of envy, the Prince of Cups is able to invoke incredible passion while keeping a focused spirit, the byproduct of both the Knight of Cups and Queen of Cups’ emotional mastery of their respective domains. Able to move forward from conventional desire yet invoke it when needed, the Prince of Cups can also inspire for the mark of new direction, forgoing old desires and moving onto the next goal, desire, or passion of the heart. Reversed, this card can imply ruthlessness and unbridled, almost negatively frightening desire.

Click here to see my Ace of Swords and Nine of Cups.


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