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Figure Skating Elements: Upright and Layback Spins

There are four main categories of spins in figure skating: upright spins, layback spins, camel spins, and sit spins. This post will cover upright and layback spins. Upright spins are defined as spins with at least one extended leg on the ice and the body in a more-or-less upright position. Laybacks are scored as a separate element from upright spins; they appear as LSp on protocols while general upright spins appear as USp.

There are many, many, many variations on spin positions in skating; in fact, coming up with interesting positions and combinations is one way to get higher levels on spins. (A common criticism of the judging system is that it encourages weird or ugly spin positions in the name of difficulty and gaining points.) It’s impossible to account for all of the variations out there, so I’ve only gifed some common positions and famous variations.

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thénardiers: they belonged to that bastard class formed of low people who have risen, and intelligent people who have fallen, which lies between the classes called middle and lower, and which unites some of the faults of the latter with nearly all the vices of the former, without possessing the generous impulses of the workman, or the respectability of the bourgeois. (VICTOR HUGO)


Figure Skating Elements: Sit Spins and Combination Spins

Time to refresh your memories on upright and layback spins and camel spins because here’s the final installment of the spin intro posts - sit spins! (And combination spins, but we’ll get to those in a second.) Sit spins appear as “SSp” on protocols and are defined as spins where the skating leg is bent so that the thigh is at least parallel to the ice. Basically, it looks like the skater is squatting down while spinning. There are numerous variations in sit spin positions and most of them don’t have names. I’ve only included some common and famous variations in this post. Both men and women can do some of these positions.

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Sasha Cohen, Torino Olympics 2006 (Short Program)

This is so close to perfection.

The colors are amazing. The skirt is crazy but also amazing, flowered and ruffled and sequined and FRINGED and instantly memorable.

I just wish I could sign off on that low asymmetrical V on the bodice. 

See? I don’t know, maybe all the glitz makes it work for other people, I could totally see that. But for me it’s… sloppy, I guess. I think it’s supposed to look passionately wild and spontaneous but the illusion doesn’t hold water in my eyes. 

Still. Iconic?

Grade: A-

                                        The Carmen Watchpost



                                             Ice Dance


This, of course, is not a full list of programs to Carmen, just what I was able to remember and find on youtube. Who is your favorite Carmen? What’s your favorite program to this music? Also, are you interested in this kind of watchposts?

Romeo and Juliet programs

 (X) Picture credit

Nina Rota

Baz Luhrmann soundtrack




I’m pretty sure that I’ve left some people out so tell me if I have or if a link is broken.

Carmen programs (X)