Bucky and Sasha

           Bucky Barnes was sitting in the Avengers lounge room with the newspaper (yes, they get the newspaper. Bruce, Steve, and Thor like it). He had nothing else to do, so he was doing the Sudoku for the day. His puppy, Sasha was lounging next to him on her blanket.

           “This is impossible,” Bucky growled as Steve Rogers walked into the room with his weird egg drink deal.

           “What’s impossible, Buck?” He had an eyebrow raised as he went over to Bucky, Dodger now following him. Bucky was about to respond when Sasha growled.

           “What the?” Bucky looked at her as she looked at him for approval of her growl. “Uhm…” Bucky patted her on the head with his left arm and went back to talking to Steve.

           “The Sudoku puzzle for the day. Do you want to take a look at it?”

           “Sure,” Steve sat down next to Bucky and took it. He set his glass down and Sasha once again growled.

           “Is something wrong?” Bucky asked her, rather confused. There was no threat in the room (unless Dodger was now a threat). Steve started giggling next to him. “What?” He turned his head to Steve.

           “I think Sasha is trying to be like you.” Steve looked at Sasha as she had her tongue out, tail waggling a bit. She was looking at Bucky and let out a little yip.

           “Good girl?” He looked at Steve for approval and he shrugged.  “Yes, that’s how we growl.” Bucky petted her as her puppy smile widened. He let out a small smile, “You’re a good girl.” He kissed the top of her head lightly and she let out another happy yip.


I got bored and so I wrote some Bucky and Sasha since they make me happy. Sorry if it’s crappy. I kinda wrote it quickly. 

Dodger is © em1ree and @flawlessassholes along with starspangledsprocket

Who to Fight: Tales From The Borderlands
  • Rhys:Do it. Fight Rhys. Fight this fuckin limp noodle. Do it
  • Vaughn:You can try, but not only will you hate yourself for doing it, but he will probably FUCK. YOU. UP. Don't fight Vaughn.
  • Yvette:All she's interested in is lunch, buddy. Don't fight Yvette. Buy her lunch. Maybe you'll get something cool in return but really, the knowledge that you've given her lunch should be good enough.
  • Fiona:She's too slippery. She can put you on the ground before you even know she's there. I mean, you can fight her if you like. Just not if you value your life.
  • Sasha:have you ever known love
  • August:Hmmmmm. I don't know. He seems like a bit of a romantic sap, but he could also probably kill you. If you're sure you can take him, do it. I'd like to see that.
  • Vasquez:Is this even a question? Fight Vasquez. I will pay you to fight him. I will pay you in advance if you stick the money on his head first and take him down while he cries.
  • Henderson:Well, like, he's dead anyway. I mean, if you can't fight any of the others, sure. He'll just... float.
  • Felix:You could easily take Felix. So long as he's not armed. Fight Felix.
  • Athena:I. Really? You really want to fight Athena? I mean, if dying is your thing, go ahead, but like.
  • Springs:Janey Springs is a ball of lesbian Australian love and joy. Why would you fight that?
  • Zer0::( :( :(
  • AI Jack:He's an AI, he can't do shit. Just don't go for it near any electronics, and punch him in the fucking face. do it who cares if he wont feel it fuckign do it puNCH HANDSOME JACK IN THE FACE