Vocaroo | Voice message
"Slowly" by Sasha (a Cover by me)

For everyone who sent me loving and sweet messages when I felt really down.
riddlepanda, ready-to-ride-the-wolf, fluffyfrills, nuttersincorporated and the sweet anon that sent me a message too. <3

I felt brave enough to sing again. So here you have a some-what cover of one of my favorite songs. Sadly I couldn’t find a karaoke version of the song online… so it’s more of a duet with the singer (Sasha).

Enjoy. And… thank you. <3 *hugs you all*

PS: HopefullyI won’t make your ears bleed! D:


I took a video of Sasha eating!

She’s eating Solea solea soaked in vitachem.

The “choking” movements you see are actually her using her pharyngeal jaws to grab the food from her main jaws and drag it back. I didn’t say that in the video because I worried I’d butcher the pronunciation lmao.

Gymnothorax fimbriatus