Chris: Really? I suppose you won’t mind then if you won’t have any Chris P. Bacon tonight.”
Sasha: “…Okay, I’m out.”
Regina: “Speaking of bacon, I’m starving.”

And old lady appeared behind Sumiko and instantly greeted her with a smile. She looked like she was some way related to the three, but she wasn’t sure how. For a moment Nesta remembered her grandmother, and had to fight back the tears that gathered into her eyes. No one seemed to notice her struggle, no one but maybe Sumiko, who was watching her warely like she still didn’t quite believe her not being a spy, or something else.

Mamiko: “Did someone say they’re hungry? Who’s this delightful girl?”
Nesta: *Clears throat* Watashi…no…namae wa Nesta.“ (my name is)
Mamiko: *Delighted* That was very good.”
Nesta: "Arigato.” (thank you)
Mamiko: “I hope you like noodles.”