This is my third year now meeting Parle Productions at Metrocon in Tampa, Florida. Every year is just gets better and better after I meet them, even if this year I wasn’t able to go all four days because of work and prior plans with family. 

To me, its still so surreal that I get to meet the people who actually inspired me to start cosplaying. Their videos helped influence me to come out of my shell, and attempt to cosplay, and I’ve come so far. I’ve gone from my rather poorly done Zexion cosplay, to my Peggy Carter cosplay which I’m insanely proud of, and while it’s still missing a proper jacket, I love Peggy, and without watching Parle’s videos, I never would have had the confidence to try it for the first time. 

The fact that when I got to go up to them after their panels and they remembered me is absolutely astonishing. I don’t see anything particularly memorable about myself. In theory, I’m just another fan of their stuff, and they could easily just pass me off, but they’re not like that. The first year I met them, I was amazed at how kind Jack and Kelly were. I had heard stories about how friendly they were to their fans, but experiencing it was entirely a different thing. And the following years, the fact that they remembered me, Sasha as well this year from meeting her last year, was enough to leave me almost in tears. Their videos helped me through a really tough time in my life, and even now, when I have a rough day, I pull up their videos and they just make me laugh even when I’m finding it hard to smile. 

Seeing them again, for the third year in a row, is an amazing feeling. They remembered me, and for a moment, I know my brain kind of short circuited because they asked me how I could keep seeing them year after year. I really don’t understand how they can’t see why myself, and other fans, continue to come to Metrocon year after year to watch their panels and to meet and talk to them afterwards. Some of us come from all over to see them. My drive isn’t too bad, only about an hour and a half depending on the traffic, but others come from all over just because they’re there. Seeing Parle in person has been a highlight for the past three years, and I will continue to make that drive for as long as they come to Metrocon.

✩ fanfic ✩

7AM (attack on titan x until dawn crossover)

;warning: swearing, death,violence

;pairings: ereri,jeanmarco,springles,jeanmarco

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chapter 2 - tradition


[1 year later]

“today is the one year anniversary of the dreadful tragedy that took place on mount church”

eren listened to the radio host through his phone, the host was giving useless updates about the death of farlan and isabel, he had invited a sheriff that was simply just telling the story all over again and not really bringing anything new.

after the interview was over, eren received a notification on his group chat room. it seems levi sent a video.

how the hell should i start this…” levi murmured as he adjusted the camera,

fuck this, let’s just do it-” levi crossed his arms and warmed his voice, “-hey everyone, levi here…

eren grinned after seeing how awkward levi was in front of the camera,

it’s great to have you all back this year…hm… first of all i am … happy-

eren scoffed at levi’s choice of words,

to welcome you all back to our annual winter getaway.”

as eren watched the video he was actually on a bus heading to the church lodge for this years winter getaway. they decided to keep the tradition even after last year’s events.

let’s just take a small moment to… talk about how tough it’s gonna be to meet here again, after what happened last year.

a sad smile made it’s way to eren’s lips as he remembered all the hard times levi and the others went through.

farlan and isabel were brothers while levi was actually adopted when he was six by their family. he was so well welcomed to the family and they gave him everything he could ever ask for, he loved his family.

i’m not good with these things but i just want you all to know that this means a lot to me and i’m sure my brother and sister would be happy to see that we are all here still together…

levi’s steal grey eyes stared at the camera,let’s make this trip one that we will never forget..., the video ended.

eren was the one who levi could count on during his worst times.

when he lost his siblings, levi went mad and lost his sanity for a while, he was lost, he didn’t know what to do. levi couldn’t trust anybody and he felt like the best to do was to disappear.

eren helped him through those times and made levi accept the others apologies, but that doesn’t mean he will forget about what happen, he never will.

both levi and eren became essential to each other. levi wasn’t good at showing his emotions and eren brought back some of his deepest feelings like love.

eren was someone levi was grateful for.

eren exited the bus and made his way to the cable car station where mikasa and armin would be waiting for him.

it was pretty cold as usual and the surroundings were already covered in snow, but of course eren came prepared. he had on his best winter clothing that he would always bring when he came here.

even though he visited this place many times, it always had this creepy atmosphere to it that eren could never get used to, now it was even worse after last year.

he found a gate he was looking for. he walked closer and saw a piece of paper hanging there.

the gate’s busted, climb over!

see you later, mikasa.

“are you serious…” eren sighed. after that extra physical exercise eren arrived at the cable car station.

“mikasa?” he called, “armin?”,

he looked at his watch and saw he was just in time, he then approached a bench and saw mikasa’s backpack there.

It had one pocket open and her phone was hanging from there, he noticed someone was calling her. curiosity was eating eren’s face so he picked up the phone and saw who was calling her,

“jean?” he whispered, wondering what he wanted from his friend,

“eren!” mikasa said happily behind him, making him jump in surprise

“shit mikasa! next time warn me”

“i’m sorry eren i didn’t mean to.” mikasa looked apolageticaly at him.

he sighed, “ah here-” eren handed her phone, “it fell from your backpack.” he scratched his head awkwardly.

eren looked to his side to see his dear old friend armin, “oi armin, good to see you!” eren smiled,

“eren you’re here!” they gave a handshake.

“nice to be back huh?” eren asked and armin nodded.

“let’s go get in our cable car, it’s this way.” mikasa led them,

“hey did you see levi’s video?” eren asked, curious to know their thoughts on it,

mikasa nodded,

“i think it’s really nice of him to invite us again here… I honestly didn’t expect him to do it…” armin’s tone faded as he remembered the past,

“i’m glad he did” eren looked up at the sky thinking of levi, whom he hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks.

mikasa suddenly stopped and made eren bump into her, she blushed.

she started “l-looks like the cable car isn’t here yet, let’s rest a bit and wait-”,

“wow this sick!” eren exclaimed, “what’s this doing here?” armin asked, referring to the shooting range that eren was so excited about.

“farlan’s father loved hunting and he teached levi and farlan on how to shoot, i guess he asked to build this.” eren answered picking one of the guns,

“be careful with those things eren!” armin warned, mikasa only observed him in silence,

“don’t worry I know how to shoot.” eren smirked, he hit all targets almost perfectly, “see, what did I tell you?” eren was getting cocky,

“amazing eren!” armin clapped, suddenly Mikasa grabs the other gun and shoots the targets perfectly even faster than eren.

the boys stood amazed by her skills that were unknown to them, “mikasa… i didn’t know you could shoot.” armin gulped,

“makes us two, you never told me as well.” eren laughed awkwardly,

“makes us three, i didn’t know too” she said putting the gun down, “this was my first time as well.”

eren and armin stood speechless and dumbfounded looking at their female friend.

meanwhile the cable car arrived, “let’s go now.” mikasa said.

“why is this locked?” armin asked and mikasa tried to bust the door handle,

“hey!” eren pushed her hand away and she reacted at the touch, “i have a key.” eren winked at her and that’s when her cheeks were fully red,

armin noticed that mikasa had a crush on eren, he laughed to himself at mikasa’s reaction. the girl covered her face with her scarf and looked away.

“i hope getting everyone together was the right thing to do…” armin said looking out of the window of the cable car,

“levi said this was the right thing to do, in honor of isabel and farlan…” eren replied, “when we meet again, which is going be in some minutes, let’s not talk about what happened last year too much and just enjoy the trip.” eren said and his friends agreed.

“you know how levi and i met?” Eren asked his friends but the question more directed to armin,

“i think i remember…” armin thought,

“science project, 7th grade… we were teamed up and we were always disagreeing with each other but in the end we had the best grade in class. we decided to pair up in every future project and we became friends till this day.” eren said proudly,

“a match made in heaven” armin joked and mikasa glared at him, “hey! it’s nothing like that …” eren shouted at armin while he laughed, eren looked away embarrassed.

they waited for the end of the ride in silence, yet a confortable one.

[at the other side of the cable station]

“hm i wonder what kind of food the lodge will have this year.” sasha thought while leaning against a door frame.


sasha jumped and fell on the snow, she looked through the little window the door had and saw her friends armin and eren laughing at the little prank they did to her while mikasa was silent but secretly finding the situation amusing.

“ouch, my butt!” she got up rubbing her ass cheek lightly, “you guys are mean!” she frowned and crossed her arms,

“the way you fell-” eren was holding his belly,“this went so much better than i expected!” they kept laughing,

“please open the door for us.” mikasa requested and sasha looked at her left and saw a button, she pressed the green button and the door opened.

the three friends exited the cable car station and joined sasha,

“so..” eren started, “a little bird told me you and connie are dating ?…” he smirked,

WHAT? who told you that ?!” she asked embarassed,

“i already told you it was the bird and I guess it’s true then.” he scoffed,

“yes it’s true!” she confessed and smiled shyly,

“i think you guys look great together!” armin said smiling and mikasa gave her a thumbs up.

“we’re going to the lodge now, are you coming?” mikasa asked sasha,

“no I’ll be waiting here for connie!” she replied holding her phone,

“ok, be careful! and wait till you get home to do anything you want to with connie, here it’s really cold!” eren teased,

“just go!” sasha shooed him away by throwing a snow ball.

[somewhere in the forest]

“mikasa won’t answer.” jean sighed annoyed and put his phone on his pocket, he looked over at his friend marco who was trying to get the map in front of him,

“i know where we have to go!” marco said closing the map,

“are you sure? i told you we should have walked the same path we did last year.” jean sighed again,

“it’s ok now, just follow.” marco smiled at jean, they grabbed their things and started walking.

they crossed a bridge and saw something moving in the bushes,

“hey marco…” jean said holding marco’s shoulder,

marco looked at him with a questionable look and jean pointed at the bush,

“i don’t kn-”,


a wild connie jumped on their faces and shouted at them,

“seriously connie? i’m not even surprised at this point.” jean hissed, “that was good admit it!” connie pointed at jean,

marco chuckled “i have to agree, you got me good.”,

“thank you, thank you.” he bowed,

jean had a disapproval look on his face, “c'mon jean let’s get in the spooky spirit!” connie said getting in the middle of marco and him with his arms around both patting,

“it’s not halloween.” jean shoved connie,

“i’m going to meet with sasha, i’ll see you guys in the lodge!” connie waved and started running,

“bye!” marco waved, “let’s go I’m getting cold here.’‘jean said and they continued their journey to the lodge.

[outside of the lodge]

’'finally here.” eren said tiredly as he and his friends arrived at the lodge,

“let’s go inside then!” armin said, it was getting colder so they wanted to hurry inside.

“hey brats.” someone with a deep voice calls,

eren, mikasa and armin turn around to see who was talking and it so happened to be the host of the party.

eren’s mood quickly lighted up.



Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by its toe. If he hollers, let him go. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. My mother told me to pick the very best…and you are it.

Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father. And then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry.

Hell, you‘re all gonna be doing that.