This is a peek at how I create my illustrations from photo reference. I have been getting a lot of comparisons to Charley Harper, which is incredibly flattering as he is a personal hero of mine up there with Kubrick, Sasek, Bass, Mead, Berkey, Oreb, etc. But the real source of the designs and ideas is nature. The thing I learned from studying Charley Harper’s work is how to spot naturally occurring graphic design. There are beautiful shapes everywhere in nature when you know how to look for them, and my favorite thing to do as an artist is observe, appreciate, and interpret those beautiful shapes into illustrations. None of it is original - nature has already created all of these designs for us. The goal of our film was to highlight this natural beauty, as well as mankind’s incredible scientific achievements in understanding the complex beauty of our world.

If you have not seen our film yet, please check it out! FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Universe

After having had the awesome opportunity to go to Finland this past year I’ve been meaning to do a number of illustrations inspired by things I saw and experienced in a “This Is Finland” Sasek kind of way. So here’s the first of the series and I call it… “Helsinki Hat”… Poor Johan Ludvig Runeberg had no chance against those ruthless seagulls