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would tell us also your next top otp (so we have top 20 XD )?? haha i dont know why but im interested in knowing

sure :) I’d say the bottom 3 are just my ships, but not OTP status.

1.Chisaki x Tsumugu from Nagi no Asakura (omg this ship is hellllll when you first get into it; actually the whole anime is romance hell)

2. Natsu x Lucy from Fairy Tail ( if they don’t become canon I will be so sad)

3. Sasuke x Sakura from Naruto

4.  Blake x Sun from RWBY

5. Takumi x Megumi from Shokugeki no Souma (pure cuteness)

6. Irina x Karasuma from Assassination Classroom

7. Sharrkan x Yamuraiha from Magi

8. Natsume x Sasayan from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

9. Chitanda x Oreki from Hyouka

10. Mars x Fana from Black Clover