Omg my feels. Ok so last..i don’t know maybe three or four days ago I started reading the manga of Tonari because I really wanted to see more of Sasayan and Natsume since they looked so cute in the anime and i just couldn’t wait to see more scenes of them but it broke my heart that Natsume liked Micchan but that’s ok now ugh I really really want these two to end up with each other, SO MUCH. I mean Haru x Shizuku is nice and the center of this anime/manga but UGH MY FEELS FOR SASAKO/SASATSUME whatever you call that lovely ship. I’ve been in love or obsessed with them for days now and then it’s just sad that there aren’t tonari fanfics in fanfiction and ugh. If you know any fanfic of them please send me one i really really need and want to read and drown myself in Sasako feels. BUT THE LATEST CHAPTER MY GOODNESS FINALLY MY LONG AWAITED MOMENT I thought reading Tonari manga would be useless because i might not be able to see BUT LOOK RIGHT HERE //SOB THIS SPREAD/PAGE  READING THOSE 34 CHAPTERS WAS WORTH IT AND I MUST SAY THAT I WILL SLEEP THIS DAY HAPPILY. But of course I  am a human and I am greedy and I want for more moments and it’s just frustrating that I have to wait for how many days/weeks/months i don’t know the updating of this manga. Does anybody knows when does it update? UGH WHY CAN’T IT BE LIKE THOSE SHONEN JUMP THAT UPDATES WEEKLY. Sigh. I love Sasako/Sasatsume so much this might be my otp of the year. May the next chapter be filled with Sasayan and Natsume together that is all i could ask. Now I must watch FT even though i’m very sleepy.