Assumptions (M)

Yoongi assumes and you make him a deal. He agrees.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word count: 2.2k 

A/N it’s smut, my first smut wow. so ye it’s pretty vanilla, since it’s my first i gotta play it safe. but yeah i’ve been wanting to write smut for a while and here it finally is (if I’m gonna post this) and it’s with Yoongi… duh. and ofc it ends with fluff bc who doesn’t love fluff. so, uhm, have fun reading and tell me what you thought of it? It’s my first pls be soft on me lol.btw use protection kids!

Warnings/contains: riding, cream pie, bruising, teasing (only a bit), hair tugging.

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You lean into your boyfriend’s chest when the after credits appear on the screen of your television. It’s a friday night and you and Yoongi are sitting in your living room in your apartment, snuzzy snuggled against each other. He came to your house earlier because you had texted him you felt lonely. Not 30 minutes later he was already knocking on your door smiling at you as you open the door. He probably had something else in mind, though, something more heated. Because when he arrived, he had a surprised look on his face seeing you holding multiple DVD cases. It seemed he had assumed wrong and it appeared you just wanted to watch a movie with him. When you heard he hadn’t seen your favourite movie yet, as it was one of the DVDs you were holding, you gasped. You quickly grabbed his hand to drag him to the couch to watch it. He struggled - of course he did - but when you told him you had a proposition he quieted down.

“I promise we’ll do what you assumed I wanted after, but first you’re going to sit still and watch this with me. We got a deal here?” you had asked and Yoongi agreed disgruntledly making you grin and peck his cheek. You knew you had power over him. Your friends never cease to tell you that he’s obviously weak for you. You’ll never deny that you’re proud of it, because you are. Yoongi may look unapproachable to people but he’s actually the softest being. Well, to you at least. To others he could be a jerk, but never to you. You grin to yourself at the thought.

“Did you like it?” you mutter as you lay with your head on his chest and you can hear the calming sound of his heart. He hums a “yeah” and kisses the top of your head lazily. You smile in satisfaction and move your body slightly to be able to softly kiss him on his lips. You rest your forehead against his’, smiling at him softly.

“So, what were you expecting when you got here after I texted you?” You ask him teasingly. He grabs your hips and pulls you onto his lap making you straddle him. You giggle and automatically place your arms around his neck.

“Something more, you know, sexual?” Yoongi offers with a snort and you laugh. Of course he did.

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