The Kingdom of Sasan

The Kingdom of Sasan, also known as The Land of Purity, is a mountainous country located north of Balbadd.

The Capital, Vabel. The higher an area gets within the tower , the higher the status of its residents.

Sacred Mount Dharma. A hole was opened in the mountain by Sinbad. It is now being worshipped by Sasan citizens as the sign of the descent of prophets.

Citizens of Sasan. It is believed in Sasan that metals have the ability to ward off demons and therefore almost every citizen is adorned with metal ornaments.

The Order of Knight. The knights are responsible of protecting the country, preaching doctrine and providing guidance to the citizens. The Knight King is the leader of the order and the ruler of Sasan at the same time.

The Pilgrimage Feast is held once in a year. A parade of knights will march from the bottom to the top of the tower, mimicking the journey of the “king” in Sasan myths.

Facilities for International Traders. The facilities are established specially for foreigners that stay in Sasan. They are prohibited from leaving the building after 8 o'clock in the evening.

Sasan food are generally tasteless except the desserts.