sasaki rika

The fact that CLAMP thought it was ever acceptable to have a ten year old dating a teacher in Cardcaptor Sakura… and to include it in a series aimed at children, no less. The constant references to Rika being “mature” for her age just made it so much worse. I will never understand people who defend Terada dating a ten year old girl, let alone those who ship it.

Episode 6
  • Sakura: Don’t tell me. Because it’s haunted?
  • Naoko: Yes, Sakura-chan. How did you know?
  • Sakura: Because it’s ALWAYS haunted.
  • Chiharu: Don’t worry, Naoko-chan. We’ll help you look around.
  • Rika: You said it. We’re not afraid. Right, gang?
  • Sakura: Wrong. I’ve seen this show before. You guys can go poking around scaring up some spooksters, but we’re staying right here. Only ghost free environments for us.
  • Tomoyo: Ghost free.
  • Sakura: It’s the way to be.