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this time a khr x mm crossover!!

I chose Reborn as Rika so I can keep the “RFA” lololol

Anyway… I realize there might be better matches? Like Saeran would probably suit Enma more, Saeyoung could be teenage Reborn etc… but I just went this so most main characters are the Vongola Guardians

Instead of worrying about Hibird (Elly) and Hibird Projects, Assistant Dokuro is more concerned about Mr. Hibari’s tendecy to take out his tonfas during his meetings.

Some more stuff:

Ryohei is Tom lmao

I thought Hana would suit Vanderwood… she can keep kicking Takeshi’s ass

So I was reading a victuuri soulmates au where they swap bodies on the younger soulmate’s 21st birthday (link - I’m so sad it seems to be abandoned! It’s one of my favs).

And I couldn’t help but think - imagine if it were All27? (Well, technically not All27, since they’re all each other’s soulmates, instead of all of them being just Tsuna’s soulmates, but I don’t think we have a ship name for that…and it’s all just semantics, really, anyways.) 

Like! Can you just fucking imagine!! All the fucking chaos!

Given Lambo is 9 years younger than Tsuna, and if we changed it so the switch happens at the youngest’s 18th birthday, then Tsuna and the others would be 27, Ryohei and Mukuro 28, and Hibari 29.

At this point, they would already have been leading the Vongola for a long time, and I imagine they would all have already assumed that they just didn’t have soulmates or anything.

And then Lambo’s 18th birthday rolls around.

Tsuna wakes up as Hibari.

Hibari wakes up as Lambo.

Lambo wakes up as Mukuro.

Mukuro wakes up as Ryohei.

Ryohei wakes up as Gokudera.

Gokudera wakes up as Yamamoto.

Yamamoto wakes up as Chrome.

And Chrome wakes up as Tsuna.

Imagine how confused everyone in the Vongola HQ would be!

Mukuro has the bright idea of just using his illusions to make everyone look like themselves.

Too bad he’s not in control of his own body though, and sun flames, unfortunately, can’t make illusions.

And God knows Yamamoto and Lambo don’t have the concentration or the attention to detail needed to keep up such complex and intricate illusions all day while the eight of them wait to return to their own bodies.

Well, why don’t they just have another mist flame user do it?

Considering there’s eight of them, and the illusionist would have to keep in mind who is in what body, and would have to know them intimately enough to actually create convincing illusions of them all? The only 2 people other than Chrome and Mukuro that are actually talented enough to do that are Fran and Viper, and let’s be honest, they probably find the whole situation hilarious and are more inclined to just sit back and watch the show.

Not to mention that, whoops, Gokudera, Tsuna, and Mukuro had been at the Chiavarone HQ the night before for some meetings with Dino.

Ryohei and Yamamoto were finishing up some assignments back home in Japan.

And only Chrome, Lambo, and Hibari were actually home at the Vongola HQ when it happened.

Mukuro (Ryohei’s body) and Gokudera (Yamamoto’s body) decide that it would probably just be safer to stay in Japan in the meantime. They head to one of the Foundation’s safehouses and try not to kill each other while they wait to be switched back.

Lambo (Mukuro’s body) and Ryohei (Gokudera’s body) is an absolutely horrible combo in any situation, let alone when one of them is in the Right-hand man’s body, and the other has access to fucking mist flames. Luckily, they have Chrome (Tsuna’s body) to babysit them. (When Tsuna finds out she’s the one in his body, he’s inordinately relieved. Other than Gokudera, she’s literally the only other one of his guardians that wouldn’t cause an absolute disaster in his body.)

The guardians all try their damndest not to let outsiders know about what’s just happened, but luckily, Chrome and the other two are at Dino’s mansion, and considering Dino is basically family, they have no misgivings about informing him of what happened. He promptly arranges an armored car and five of his strongest subordinates to escort them back home.

Meanwhile Tsuna (Hibari’s body) is left waiting anxiously at home for the three of them to get home safely, while having to deal with everyone in the mansion reflexively flinching away from him when they see him, and them staring at him dumbfoundedly when he smiles sweetly at them.

In the end, they all spend the day so stressed out, that they don’t even have time to think about the fact that they’re each other’s soulmates until the next day, when Ryohei and Yamamoto (back in their own bodies) return to the HQ. 

The 8 of them spend the whole day just relaxing, lounging around at home and basically just taking time to process this new bit of information (that they all, deep down, had already suspected).