sasa is so cute

[9/21/17 Tweet Translation]

We had Tsukista dance practice today! I worked hard and sweated a lot! 

When I was on my way home after practice with Yuusaku-san, we bought a scooter as my birthday present… even though he had already bought me a chicken salad before this! Lol

Tomorrow, I should give something in return!

I’ve named my scooter “Sasa Car No. 1″


(Also see Yuusaku’s tweet about the scooter here)


YouTube Comment of the Day: “Oh my god! Their little dance moves are so cute!! And I died when SaSa actually hugged TeeTee! So adorable!! Thanks for the video, Jamie!”

You’re welcome!  I’m glad I caught that!

Video: 14/17 Tegan & Sara - Sweet Moment At The End Of Closer @ 9:30 Club, Washington, DC 5/20/14