HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jammiehamato!

To the little twerp that floods my dashboard with Trolls, Smurfs, Sing, Moana, or whatever her current obsession is. Even though I hardly ever like (let alone reblog) any of your dorky posts, the sheer level of excitement and enthusiasm you have for life brightens my day more than you’ll ever know. Never loose that, no matter how old you get. Happy Birthday, STAY IN SCHOOL, STUDY HARD! XD

Oh and Niffty and Husk belong to @vivziepop, love drawing these two!


Will you be checking in? by Andrew Carter


whoops, sorry for the radio silence! i’ve been working very hard on the final three chapters of my fluff-overload fairy Dean/Cas au Our Garden Home and kinda forgot there was another universe outside of the smol fairy garden.

all three chapters should go up either this friday or at the weekend, depending on your timezone and how quickly i can finish these illustrations~

here, have a 29k kid!Dean-and-Cas-living-in-a-hotel au in the meantime!!

(also feel free to subscribe if you want email updates! i feel better knowing people will actually see new stuff, since i live in a far and distant timezone and have no sleep schedule to speak of)

wishing you all sweet moments of peace and a good sleep~! ♥