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Diver Keri WIlk has been one of the few people to observe a strange sperm whale trait, described as a “poonado”.

This is thought to be a rarely used defence mechanism, which is different to when the whales defecate before their descent into deeper waters. The whale released an unusual amount of faeces, turned on its side and used its flipper to propel the excrement in a huge 30 metre arc.

This could be the first time this mechanism has been photographically documented, but has been observed in the wild previously.

(Via Daily Mail)


SAS Survival Guide 2E: For Any Climate, For Any Situation

The SAS Survival Guide is one of the most important books on the subject of surviving in the wild. The original was written by a professional soldier and former SAS member, John “Lofty” Wiseman and published in 1986 and got a revised and expanded edition in 2009. In this second edition, which is also written by Wiseman, you can find included the latest navigation and survival techniques. All this makes the SAS Survival Guide 2E widely considered as the ultimate source of information on survival in various dangerous situations.


I’m back with more love themes appropriate for cyberpunk and noir stories. Continuing in the bittersweet vein,  this compilation has a mix of vocal and instrumental songs, with moods that flow from euphoric highs to lows.

“Undercover, underwater…. keep me from wandering….in terror”

Artist / Track name
00:00:00 Dead Astronauts - Roam
00:01:53 Eastghost - Exile
00:08:13 Lorn - Tempered by your love
00:09:31 Miss Kittin - Dub about me
00:16:36 Mlada Fronta - Ytre
00:20:38 Denial of Service - Senka
00:26:20 Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl
00:32:20 Sneaker Pimps - Flowers and Silence
00:38:01 Ulver - Porn Piece or The Scars of Cold Kisses (edit)
00:41:23 Haujobb - Concrete
00:46:09 Structural Fault - Evi
00:51:41 Sterling Angel - Survive (Nmesh SA Edit)
00:57:47 The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
01:03:07 Lazerhawk - Dreamrider
01:07:53 Sonic Mayhem - Bleed Forever (feat. Malukah)
01:15:10 The Glitch Mob - The Clouds Breathe For You (Anuma Remix)
01:20:16 Bassnectar - Underwater (feat. Tina Malia)
01:26:41 Structural Fault - -10C Romantic

Special thanks to @tsuchiman for your gift and help :D


Japanese Men Winning Skate America

2005 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2006 - Nobunari Oda (SP | FS)
2007 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2008 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2010 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2012 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2013 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)
2014 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)

For @sa-satan because I love my bear cub wife ♥

(don’t punch me for this, Sasa)


He heard the rushing footsteps, the stress in his boyfriend’s voice. He heard the opening and closing of drawers and the groans in frustration. He heard it all, but did he react? No. He just kept his eyes on the newspaper laid out on the table he was seated at, slowly chewing a mouthful of cereal, spoon in one hand.

“Derek, have you seen my keys?” The voice sounded closer now, the footsteps becoming louder, and it was only a second later that Stiles appeared from the hall, hair a mess and the collar of his uniform stood up instead of laid down flat.

Not that Derek noticed though. His eyes were still focused on the newspaper, scanning over an article about… something.

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The Hollow-Face Illusion.

Seen here with an Einstein mask, the hollow-face illusion is an example of the biases our brain uses.

This example is the bias of seeing a face normally in a convex manner, which the brain will counter cues of light, shade and depth to be able to picture this face in a convex way.

(BBC Two)

Relaks. It’s just Pag-Ibig.

Ayaw kong malungkot kayo. Smile na. Isipin mo na lang na pagsubok ‘yan na kailangan mong harapin. Kailangan mo masaktan para ma-appreciate mo ‘yong mga taong dadating sa buhay mo. 

Hindi pwedeng iiwan ka ng tao ng walang dahilan. I mean, wala mang dahilan yung tao na iniwan ka? Yung diyos may dahilan yun kung bakit niya kinuha yung taong yun. 

Maaring hindi mo magustuhan, pero in the long run magegets mo kung bakit kailangan mangyari yun. Masarap sa feeling maka survive sa heartache na dinulot ng tao. Huwag kang susuko at mawawalan ng gana. Gawin mo lang palagi ang gusto mo.

You Probably Haven’t Read: Master Keaton

Master Keaton is one of the early works of Naoki Urasawa, better know as the creator of Monster, 20th Century Boys, and Pluto. Which alone puts him in the running for not only the most talented manga-ka of all time, but also the most talented comic creator period.

But while all three of those series are rather long and trend towards drama, tension and horror, Master Keaton is a much shorter and light-hearted affair, one I think much more digestible for the average reader (although, of course, you should read all three I just mentioned, as well.)

The story revolves around Taichi Hiraga-Keaton, who is a relatively unsuccessful Archaeology professor, and a relatively successful insurance investigator. Not any kind of insurance, mind you. Keaton’s job typically involves the recovery or protection of rare archaeological pieces or famous pieces of artwork. With such items often catching the notice of thieves or other undesirables, it’s a good thing prior to either of his current occupations Keaton was a member of the SAS and taught Survival Tactics.

The stories are largely formulaic, in the sense they all involve Keaton travelling to an exotic location, and resolving some sort of problem. Generally in the context of his job as an insurance investigator, but not always. Often the beginning or ending of the story will feature Keaton’s personal issues or relationship with his stubborn teenage daughter, which adds a bit of comedy and humanity, preventing the always hyper-competent Keaton from coming off as a plot device moreso than our protagonist.

It’s a fantastic series combining elements of Batman, MacGyver, Indiana Jones, and the pacing, plotting and dialogue are all decades before it’s time - despite being released nearly 30 years ago, it features many clever bits and character relationships that didn’t even become standard in television or western comics until the 00s. With a very modern tone, excellent art and writing, and a strong aversion to any ‘anime-esque’ cliches that can be repelling to people inexperienced in Japanese media, Master Keaton is something you can enjoy even if you’ve never touched a manga before.

You can read Master Keaton on almost any manga site, but if you have the coin you should really consider purchasing the official releases, as picture at the top proves, they’re absolutely gorgeous.


Uhm dito na lang yung seryosong message. Nakaka ilang sa facebook eh.

Ahm Hi baby! Happy 3rd Monthsary. Masaya ako at patuloy tayong nagiging masaya at malakas sa relasyon natin. Kahit na nagkaroon ng hindi pagkakaunawaan at parehas tayo naging mahinang dalawa ay naka survive tayo sa problemang yun. Takot na takot ako ng mga araw na yun. Sobrang ayaw ko ng buwan na to dahil sa mga nangyari, first ko natakot ng husto sa buhay ko.

Sana this month, puro saya lang tayong dalawa. For sure, kasi magkikita na ulit tayo. Parang panaginip na naman ang mangyayari. Papahiram ng onting sandali, onting kasiyahan,onting lambing at yung yakap na hinihintay ko. 

For sure, magiging matagal ang dalawang araw para sa atin. Kumbaga, blessing na yun at nakaw na sandali kung tutuusin. Basta, kahit ano mangyari tayo pa rin sa huli. Di pwedeng hindi tayo. Gagawin ko lahat para sa ating dalawa.

Sobrang mahal kita. Happy Monthsary ulet :)

riakai  asked:

Survival book recommendations would be great. I have three in my repertoire right now and I don't know of any great ones!

  • The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World by Robert Richardson
  • SAS Survival Handbook: The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman
  • US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 by Department of Defense
  • Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook by Department of Defense
  • Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places by Steve Brill
  • Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters by D. C. Beard

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May lumandi saken, tapos nilandi-back ko sya. Tapos naging super close kami na parang mag bestfriends hanggang sa di na nya ko nilalandi, parang ako na lang yung may gusto. Ano ibig sabihin non?

Sa game of landian, siguraduhin mong mas malandi ka kesa dun sa taong nilalandi mo. Survival of the fittest yan. Ang unang ma-fall talo. So, talo ka.

The Stars Between Us

This is all because of @sa-satan, her dumb awesome drabble, and the fact that I’m complete Sterek Trash as well as Star Wars Trash. So have some pining idiots in space with angst.

Read on AO3.

There was a pleasant amount of noise in the hangar. There were sounds of metal clanging against various hard objects and surfaces, sounds of screws and bolts being screwed into place, and sounds of cursing when someone made a mistake or accidentally hurt themselves. People in the hangar were talking, their voices a low buzz under the sound of mechanics working and pilots arriving or taking off.

There was a loud beep coming from the droid LD-09 as it sped across the hangar, either on its way to Hewitt or McCall. Scott McCall was a Jedi in training, and LD-09 had been glued to him since the moment he had arrived on base. Along with the droid, X-wing pilot Stiles Stilinski had glued himself to the Jedi. Whenever Scott wasn’t training and Stiles wasn’t away on a mission, they would hang out around base, LD-09 trailing after them with the occasional loud beep.

The noise in the hangar was pleasant, and Derek Hale found himself to be calmed by it. He was busy fixing Boyd’s ship, had been for the past several hours. It wasn’t that badly damaged. Boyd and his squadron had been shot at by a couple TIE fighters during a mission to Dantooine, but they had all come out of it with minimal damages to their ships and little to no damage to themselves.

Derek had grease and oil on his hands, arms, and the white tank top he was wearing, the shirt he had worn over it discarded hours ago. He felt dirty, the sweat covering his body and forehead not helping, but he didn’t mind it, nor did he mind the ache in his arms, legs, and back from having been on his feet and working all day long. He was a mechanic, this was what he did, and he liked it.

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anonymous asked:

In my novella a character needs to cut his forearm off due to severe damage done to it. However, he isn't in a position to go to a hospital (think the midst of an apocalypse and they've recreated themselves out in the wilderness) and his medical supplies aren't exactly extravagant. I've tried to search some stuff up, to no avail, so I was wondering if you knew how he could amputate his forearm and be safe about it? And do you know the survival rate of self-amputation? Thank-you! x

Not sure that there’s much statistical data for self-amputation these days as it’s extremely rare. However, the following are major contributors to how well it works:
Tools available
Experience with traumatic injuries
Emotional state of the patient/operator

The basics of successful amputation are basically, having a tourniquet, using exceptionally sharp tools, sterilization, finding a way to impede movement (thrashing) of the patient, cutting cleanly, tying off any arteries, and bandaging the wound.

At the risk of sounding like an ad, I strongly recommend anyone writing about medical treatment or apocalyptic survival, or extreme conditions, and emergency scenarios with limited resources, get the SAS Survival Guide app or book. It’s about $6 US for either and is designed to explain all kinds of survival tactics and first aid in extreme situations. Not only is it good for writing, it’s also good for your personal knowledge should you, heaven forbid, ever find yourself actually stranded in the desert, or lost in the woods, or confronted with an unexpected medical emergency with no way of contacting or getting professional assistance immediately.

Hope this helps!

- O