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Japanese Men Winning Skate America

2005 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2006 - Nobunari Oda (SP | FS)
2007 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2008 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2010 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2012 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2013 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)
2014 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)

vrepit-sa  asked:

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♨ Have you ever made a public call out post?

I have never made a public callout post naming/shaming a specific individual(s), but I have made public PSA / soapbox-y posts about specific behavior and trends that annoy me and/or my friends

✿ What do you think about public call out posts?

honestly i think most of them are dumb. i think tumblr has a problem where any sort of conflict (especially conflict stemming from a misunderstanding or miscommunication) is interpreted as abuse, and so i think the vast majority of callout posts are unwarranted and don’t really serve a purpose beyond a masturbatory sense of self-righteousness while they watch someone get chased off their blog.

there are only three callout posts i can recall off the top of my head that i felt were actually deserved, because all three of those roleplayers had pretty long rap sheets of repetitive hurtful behavior spanning 2+ years, and two of them demonstrated a STUNNING lack of remorse for their actions and blamed everyone else but themselves, so yeah P:

✧ Do you agree with reblog karma or is it forced interaction?

i think it’s kinda rude to repeatedly reblog memes from someone without tossing them a bone in return, but a lot of people like to reblog memes that only make sense if your character is very familiar with theirs, and so ……. what can ya do ヽ(。ヘ°)ノ

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

god please let the hover themes die i’m so ready for those to disappear lmao. also the agirlingrey themes p l e a s e


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)