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I would love to see head cannons for Asuma getting drunk with his s/o. ( I swear he doesn't get as much love as he deserves), a jealous Itachi, and Shikamaru sfw and nsfw.

Drunk Asuma Sarutobi Headcanons

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• When Asuma goes out for drinks his main intent is to get drunk, the whole idea of social drinking is really lost on him – where you’re supposed to take your time and not get too hammered. He really likes the idea of losing control, and unwinding entirely. After only a few drinks, Asuma turns into a smiling mess, he’ll start laughing over nothing and he’ll have this giddy grin perpetually stuck on his face.

• This can really be awful at times, but after a drink or two Asuma starts telling people what he really thinks – no filter what so ever. Usually he is the calm, reserved type, but when he’s forsaken sobriety all of his thoughts just come flying out no matter the consequences.

• Expects you to watch for him when you’re both drinking. It can be a pain in the ass if you want to relax and maybe get drunk yourself. He just throws that responsibility on your shoulders unfortunately, so it can really sour the whole time if getting drunk and having someone watch you is your plan. It’s funny but Asuma has trouble lighting his own cigarettes sometimes when he’s especially plastered – you have to light them for him if you don’t want to see his whole beard light up in flames.

• Is surprisingly good at sex even when he’s drunk. Of course it will be a little sloppier than usually, it’s hard to have amazing motor control when your drunk, but his lazy and lingering movements prove to be quite hedonic during oral because he will drag his tongue all over. When it actually comes to sliding his cock in, he has these slow erotic strokes that can just drive you crazy and make you want to scream.

Jealous Itachi Headcanons

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• Itachi himself isn’t a jealous person. He’s not one to become green with envy if someone hits on you or if you hug one of your guy friends. Go ahead and kiss your foreign friend’s cheek, he won’t mind a lick. Being platonically affectionate to your pals won’t throw him into a frenzy or make him doubt his place in a relationship with you. 

• Thing is, if Itachi of all people is with you that means he explicitly trusts you. Do try not to break said trust. Heartbreak is a serious condition in the Uchiha clan. Nevertheless, if he does begin to suspect that you’re drifting away from him and spending more time than necessary with friends or that hottie from the Hyuuga clan, then, yeah, doubt may speckle a bit in his mind. He won’t jump to conclusions unless given reason to. He would rather finish putting the pieces together than key your car singing Carrie Underwood’s hit song Before He Cheats with only a couple pieces of evidence.  

• And, you know, he communicates with you. Any and all issues can resolved with some talking in your relationship. If he has suspicions, he will sit you down and discuss. No sugarcoating, straight to the point, nice and painless. You can enjoy a hand squeeze or even a faint smile when you soothe his worries and tell him that guy friend of yours was just that – a friend. 

• All in all he’s not the jealous type, and if he did get the j-word, it would be worked out. 

• Trying to make him jealous on purpose isn’t cute, so do not try it unless you want a serious discussion with how your relationship will go on from then on.

Shikamaru SFW and NSFW Headcanons

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• There was an exact second in which Shikamaru knew he had fallen in love. There was absolutely nothing extraordinaire in that moment: he just saw your back as you walked in Konoha’s streets. But his heart was breaking his ribs, his stomach was full of butterflies and his face was burning. Then, he knew there wasn’t anything that could be done. After that, everything was strategies: he exploited his brain until every single neuron was thinking in a way for you to fall in love with him.• He is not much of an eater -it is too troublesome-, usually, Chouji or his family have to remember him. It is not that he doesn’t want: his thoughts always distract him, clouds float over his head, and he always finds something more interesting to do. He has spent entire days cloud-gazing, forgetting to do anything related to his physical needs.

• Shikamaru tends to forget important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, important outings… He is also unapologetic about it: his S/O has to understand it. He cares about you, but it just isn’t the way he lives. He isn’t one to plan long term, Shikamaru prefers surprise gifts to show affection. 

• He is going to complain about how much work a relationship needs while smiling and kissing your neck. Shikamaru is always making his best effort to please you, but he wants to keep a certain image. He is lazy, except with you, but complaining is the perfect way to ask for more attention. If he does something difficult and troublesome for you, then, he deserves more kisses in return. 

• Shikamaru finds dandelions extremely interesting. They have accompanied him in his lazy afternoons. While laying on the grass, they tingle his skin. He loves watching them disintegrate when the wind is blowing. More than once, Shikamaru has found himself making a wish.


• His favorite kind of sex is lazy sex. No frustration, no rough moves, no heavy atmosphere. He loves sloppy kisses and wandering caresses and soft moans. Shikamaru thinks love is something slow and dainty, and although he can have sex full of harshness and tension, nothing makes him happier than sweat bathing your sleepy face in the mornings.

• Finds your naked body extremely alluring. Shikamaru can spend hours just observing you. Every blemish, every scar, every part of your skin excites him. He especially loves running his fingers around your navy.

• Although he is pretty good at oral, he hates giving it. Shikamaru is more of a receiver; Shikamaru’s penis is really sensitive, particularly in the tip, and for him, almost nothing can compare to the feeling of your tongue licking it.  About pleasing you he prefers masturbating, either fingering or handjobs.

• His favorite position is the reverse cowgirl. Although there is not much physical contact, Shikamaru finds very exciting having you control all the action. While comfortably lying on his back, he likes running his fingers through your back or slapping your ass. 

• Likes outdoor sex.  The thrill of being caught gets him going. For him, the more rural the place, the better. He loves how your face contrast with the sky. Teasing him in public or while cloud-gazing is the easiest way to get Shikamaru going.

Family Selfie ( iphone, because i’m using one =))) ). From some spoilers in twiiter, i guess there are many GaiKaka cute moments in the novel. Ah, I’m not really the patient type, when can I read the full translation of Konoha Shinden?? ;__;

Submission: A Chance to Heal

[So after sending that SenseiOrochimaru ask, i had a mighty need to write it! Hope you enjoy!] Six months. Almost to the day that Hiruzen Sarutobi granted Orochimaru a teaching position at the Ninja Academy, six months and he still can’t figure out if it was the best or worst decision he’s ever made when it comes to his favorite student. Against all the odds not only has Orochimaru proven that he is a capable teacher, but one of the most well liked among all of the teaching staff; his students all adore him- and don’t take to kindly to anyone bad mouthing their favorite sensei. As Sarutobi watches Orochimaru lead the children through a simple set of Taijutsu Katas; he can’t help but smile fondly, he watched as Orochimaru assisted them in correcting their stances or movements, giving praise when they managed to successfully finish a set and would begin showing them the next. All of this with a genuinely kind smile on his face, even his usually harsh and abrasive chakra seemed to have mellowed down- not that Sarutobi believes that it would bother the children if it didn’t, nothing about Orochimaru seems to bother them; it is truly a joy to watch the Snake Sannin with his class. The students completed three more kata sets before any of them noticed him standing off to the side of their training ground, some of them waved while others bowed towards him before Orochimaru dismissed them to take a break; as they began collecting their things and finding a nice place to rest Orochimaru headed over to greet him. “Good morning Orochimaru; your class seem to be doing rather well, they are showing excellent improvement in their performance” nodding, Orochimaru looks over them once more before giving his full attention to Sarutobi. “They are doing exceeding well in their studies. Did you require something Sensei? Or were you just taking a walk and happened to stumble upon my class?” the question is lighter than expected; it lacks the agitation and paranoia it would have had before. Sarutobi turns of grandfatherly smile towards him, “I simply wanted to observe your class in action is all, I’ve heard good things about them; you are a skilled instructor.” over forty years of Shinobi training are the only thing that stop Sarutobi from flinching at the sight of shock and bewilderment that cross Orochimaru’s features at the compliment, he realizes how long it’s been since he’d offered up any sort of positive remark that wasn’t carefully guarded him. “Thank you, Sensei” Orochimaru replies evenly rearranging his feachers back into their usual calm “I have to get back to the children in a moment, would you like to stay and observe the rest of the class? I’m sure they won’t mind you staying.” Sarutobi nodded and follows behind Orochimaru as he calls his class back to their training, it is truly humbling to watch his prized student teaching the next generation of Shinobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi has watched over Orochimaru since he was a small shy six year old with heavy dreams and a legacy of fear with a healthy dose of pride and caution. There was never a question of whether or not Orochimaru would do great things in his life- his unwavering skill and determination proved enough that he would achieve anything he set his mind to- The question had always been whether or not they would be good or terrible things… As the class finished their lessons for the day and began packing away their equipment and heading home for the day; a few stragglers stayed behind and wandered over to their teacher. Sarutobi could just make out that one of them was asking if he would accompany them to the cemetery to visit their parents graves, and not quite to his surprise; Orochimaru agreed. ‘Perhaps’ Sarutobi thought to himself, he doesn’t have much to worry about anymore… if anything can melt the ice around the Snake Sannin’s heart and bring out the good he has always known was there; it would be brave little war orphans in need. With one last smile towards the retreating figures of Orochimaru and the five small children surrounding him, Hiruzen Sarutobi headed back to his office. Mind completely a peace for once; when it came to his favorite student.

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