Me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko
Ph: @lancasterlodge

Sarumi fest, day 6! Clans, powers, colors.

Sick! Misaki headcannon

Misaki doesn’t usually get sick very often. But when he does, Saruhiko worries like crazy, though he doesn’t show it, or at least tries not to. He will sit by the bed and just watch Misaki intensely with a frown. Of course this will creep Misaki out and when he tells him Saruhiko just clicks his tongue and blushes a little turning his head away. Then he will ask Misaki if he needs anything else (he has asked like a billion times already) and Misaki will give a huge grin and ask him for more noodles and tea.

「 僕たちの中の未熟であやふやな
息苦しさを 不愉快を 違和感を 倦厭を
かわりに言葉に してくれた歌
何者かになれって 煩く要求する
社会から 逃げだしたかったんだ
だけど逃げ道は LとRが閉じ込める


The childishness between us, the vague feelings of
suffocating, unhappiness, uneasiness, weariness,
This song made those into words for us
I really wanted to run away from this society
that annoyingly demands me to become somedody
But my route of escape is confined by the L & R

Our screams of pain will burn us both.

Sarumi fest 2017, day 4! Angst.

Me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld​ as Fushimi Saruhiko
Ph: @lancasterlodge