Sick! Misaki headcannon

Misaki doesn’t usually get sick very often. But when he does, Saruhiko worries like crazy, though he doesn’t show it, or at least tries not to. He will sit by the bed and just watch Misaki intensely with a frown. Of course this will creep Misaki out and when he tells him Saruhiko just clicks his tongue and blushes a little turning his head away. Then he will ask Misaki if he needs anything else (he has asked like a billion times already) and Misaki will give a huge grin and ask him for more noodles and tea.


And once again we have the issue between them. Yata wants to set things right and is willing to stop being mad at Fushimi, even again thanking him for his help. However, Fushimi blatantly interrupts his attempt and does so by saying the most enraging thing he can to Yata (insulting Mikoto and such).

Because Fushimi doesn’t want Yata grateful to him. He wants Yata to never forget him, and he thinks the only way he can do that is by being hated. So he purposely ruins a moment, again.

Overanalyzing that flashback

I told myself I wouldn’t do this today because I already flooded my dash with this episode, but I can’t help it, sorry!

First let’s compare:

First face is when he’s being ‘ignored’ by Yata. Now look at that second face. Now look again. Notice how relieved he looks and how happy. I mean, Yata is yelling at him and shaking him aroung roughly and he likes it, just because Yata is finally getting emotional over him, paying attention only on him. But there isn’t just hapinness in his look: there’s a bit of bitterness too, why? Because the truth is he’s sad and bitter that (in his mind) the only way he can get Yata to look at him is by making him hate him. He would rather have his friendship (and the shipper adds: his love too) but he can’t, and that’s sad but he’ll take his anger and hatred because he’s that desperate.

Now, a lot of people think Fushimi is trully sadistic and loves making others feel pain. I have to disagree, he’s more of a masochist. First clue was episode 5: Yata was about to use this huge attack on him…and he opens his arms to welcome it. And now in the flashback again he doesn’t act all “don’t push me around like that” instead he lets Yata do what he wants and then he goes and hurts himself. He’s not a sadist but a masochist. When he hurts Yata it’s not the pain he causes that makes him happy, but the knowledge that Yata will not forget Fushimi so soon because of it.

And this scares me, because I can definately see Fushimi killing himself if he thinks he’ll traumatize Yata enough by it or murdering people too.

And now for Yata:

This is just after he sees the mark. His face is a little weird to me but what I got is relief that it was still there. Poor kid.

THAT FISTBUMP, ok I can’t write this without going to fangirl mode. No seriously, that felt so intimate. And then he goes and says about “our pride”. not Fushimi’s pride, their pride.

But of course Fushimi doesn’t pick up that yata even then was still acting like they were a unit. Instead, he gets pissed off that once again it’s about HOMRA: to Yata the mark doesn’t seem like a symbol of their history together, but just an important link to HOMRA. So he snaps.

Yata’s reaction to Fushimi bringing up his flame was simply horrible. He looked so scared, clearly expecting Fushimi to attack him. Ouch.

Speculation: could there be a reason Yata only started wearing a beanie (sp?) after Fushimi left?

“That’s right Misaki, instead of laughing like an idiot, just watch what i will become” this line is either a foreshadowing of what’s yet to happen (OP images too) or/and Fushimi reiterating that he wants Yata solely focused on him.

“I’m going to kill you” fuck Yata, i’m pretty sure if you really try he’ll even let you.

Is Fushimi’s scratching getting worst or is it just me?

In the end, the worst part of all this is that we have 3 episodes, too much stuff to solve and while Fushimi and Yata’s relationship gets fleshed out, it never gets any closer to being resolved. This raises more death flags, ugh.

Anyone want to add something?