Crush : I give u 2 options :

  1. Your otps become real

2. I-

Me : the first one plz

Crush : I haven’t finished ; so like I said two-


Crush : B-but don’t u want to date me ?!

Me : well if I had to choose between u dating me and my otps becoming real

Me : I’ll choose my otps

Crush : what the hell with u

Me : the fangirl life chose me

(Raw Doujinshi) Neko-san no Sagashimono

Title: Neko-san no Sagashimono

Circle: milkgayu

Rating: PG

Pairing: Sarumi

Notes: The start of several weeks’ worth of Gakuen K doujinshi! I hope you guys enjoy these. XD I really love Gakuen K verse myself, so… that will be the theme for the rest of July and part of August as well. Yay! Anyway, for this particular one it’s a very cute story involving a cat strain and the little nui versions of the K characters. Yata - and his nui version - wake up with cat ears! And so the rest of the cast are instructed to wear cat ear headbands as well. In the end, it turns out that nui Yata had found a stray nui cat and took it in, and the strain cat was looking for its little nui buddy. So it resolves peacefully! The story is very cute, though, so check it out!

Translation: As always, please feel free.

Download: Livejournal (membership required)

[(So This Is) Heartache] Chapter 2

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Chapter 1 (Ao3)

Fandom: K (Anime)
Pairing: Fushimi Saruhiko / Yata Misaki
Characters: Yata Misaki. Fushimi Saruhiko, Kamamoto Rikio, Totsuka Tatara, Kusanagi Izumo, Kushina Anna
Important Tags: Major Character Death, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Angst, Mild To Severe Depression, Brief appearances of other characters - Freeform, Eventual Happy Ending, mild anxiety, Self Harm, Character LossDepression, Postpartum Depression, Denial, Grief/Mourning, sad angst

Warning: To those looking for a story focusing around the concept of Soulmates, this isn’t the right kind of story. Apologies!

Chapter Summary:

Yata’s left to cope with the loss of his soulmate, but it’s not going as well as anyone had hoped it would.

Just burn.

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Imagine your otp in a coffeeshop au where Person A is a barista and Person B is that coffee-supported student. Person A writes Person B’s name wrong the first time they order so Person B jokes that “I’ll have to keep coming back here until you spell my name right” then they laugh and in that moment Person A just falls the fuck in love. Like right there. seriously. So Person A starts spelling Person B’s name wrong intentionally all the damn time until it starts to look suspicious because it’s impossible. To. Spell. Names. This. Wrongly. What. the. Hell.