saruhiko fushimi cosplay


Cute little things we did ~

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko

「See? You gotta do it like that, Saru!」

The counterpart of the last picture ♥ Fun fact: I didn’t even had to try that hard because my flexiblity is just sooo much better than my girlfriend’s. She tried really hard tho and um well - eheh, she did her best (ゝ ◡・)♥ oh this in character-ness

Jenny as Fushimi Saruhiko

myself as Yata Misaki

series: K PROJECT

edit by me

photo by Dino

We finally have our Gakuen K version completed! 
We love the manga and we’re so happy~!

Me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko

PH → Fb: Andukar photo


We’ve made our first SaruMi cosplay crack video! And maybe we’ll work on some more soon!

It’s based off the blog @incorrectkquotes !

And the video was filmed by @galaxychip