saruhiko fushimi cosplay


As promised, we made it! We’re not into idol, but we’ll always be too much in SaruMi. Here’s some of the first shootss, hope you enjoy!

Me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko


We’ve made our first SaruMi cosplay crack video! And maybe we’ll work on some more soon!

It’s based off the blog @incorrectkquotes !

And the video was filmed by @galaxychip

記憶の海は穏やかで いつも暖かくて 
In an unescapable dilemma
the sea of memory is gentle, always warm

So sweet memories」

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko 


Happy Saint Valentine’s day! 

We could not restist an did also this one. Yata’s hat was a pain and a pleasure.

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko

All of you, have a great Saint Valentine! 


11.07 Happy birthday Saruhiko! 

We took advantage of Fushimi’s birthday and made DoB and MoR’s outfit ~
It was a beautiful day. 
Happy birthday again, shitty monkey! 

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko 

Idol K AU! cosplay @ Supanova Gold Coast!

Yata Misaki: Keik
Fushimi Saruhiko: Anto

Photographer: Huckleberry Light Industry

Number 1 and number 2 XD! Everyone was asking why do I have a cape but Saru doesn’t! Hehe, because VANGUARD ROCKS! I’m actually happy how this costume turns out (well I did them both within 24 hours non stop no sleep lol), but I didn’t do my boots because yeah, I need sleep! >_<

(Meanwhile Saru didn’t really give a damn to the photos anyway, he was forging his Touken Ranbu swords that’s why he looked like “meh whatever” in the photo LOL)