saru (inazuma)



(sorry for butchering it into three parts but it’s the only way you can see it properly here, please click to see details and all!!)

I will have this available as a poster at cons, but it is also available at my Society6! 

This took me forever but I really wanted to draw a big fanart tribute to inago’s two final seasons. Inazuma will always have a special place in my heart<3


i drew these last year (i think) for the release of the inazuma best eleven vs battle eleven ova release - but i never finished the battle eleven part

it started out as a watercolour piece too but i think i messed up pretty far in and then lost motivation to finish it

but i came across the sketch while looking for smth and thought “why not finish it now??” but chose computer colo this time so they don’t fit as well together as i planned. i posted the best eleven a while ago so not exactly smth new


nailed it


Chrono Stone DVD Box Set
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The new official image ruined my life, I’ve never seen something so cute as Fei. How is he supposed to be a bad guy, srsly.
I imagine SARU thinking something like “k, it’s cute but not that much wtf”
And I’m a bad person and I don’t now SARU’s number. Actually I don’t evn now if Fei’s still 11

Ps. Fei is not kissing the penguin, he’s only hugging him (it, since it’s an animal but shush) with all his strenght-