A flurry of tattered sheets slapped the tunnel surfaces, frantic footfalls scraping towards the source of banshee shrieks. A wheezing hiss echoed through the chamber once the decrepit Tar-heel stumbled inside.


The aether-well writhed and boiled before the old Salahkari priest, exhibiting previously unobserved characteristics in the animated fluid. The aether bubbled and burped, slowly calming into the typical still pool. Adolvogos, the Salahkari Champion, stood motionless in the center of the stilled turmoil. His oil-slicked scales sticky with tar-like substance.

'Salahkar, what have you done? Remove yourself, come here.’

Adolvogos stepped lithely towards Vikasucur’s outreaching talons, a slight tremor in his broken tail. The old Tar-heel peered closely to his champion’s face inspecting for any perceivable damages. Vikasucur twitched, locking eyes. Vikasucor could have sworn his heart skipped a beat in that moment.

'Your eyes. Golden eyes.’

In an otherworldy dual-tone voice, Adolvogos spoke truth:

'I have ascended.’
It’s never a good day when the Tar-heel, rivals of the aether guardians, the Sartuk, gain omniscient power. I’m watching the situation closely.
Just an update on what’s going on in my headworld, Aeris.
For those unfamiliar with the importance of the golden eyes (should be 99.99% of you, haha) – Golden eyes are the eyes of the gods.

This is the same Tar-heel mentioned in this post.

The Sartuk… with Sardiryx as a size comparison :)

Quick sketch is quick. The headshots are simple ‘typical’ head types found within the specie that I created back in 2010 so they’re pretty bad, haha (left to right - a cobra, viper, boa, colubrid). They can vary greatly and mixed bloods can have traits from both parents, even extremes.

(The color shown on the male is from a mixed blood simply to show how varied they can come rather than being limited to certain snake specie color variations)

Gosh, these guys have been with me since I was just a toddler. They raised Sardiryx when she was a fledgling (along with Robeirus), so I guess that should say something? Only one person knows about these people in relative depth (Arfy!), but over the past couple of years I’ve begun to feel more open with my world, Aeris. This is just the bare minimum of information. There’s no way I can fit the thousands of years of history that I have for the Sartuk, their elaborate language and how they have developed their flowing and liquid-esque alphabet, or their spiritual and semi-religious factors rampant in their culture.

Like the human race, they have their own discrepancies, inequality and racism, cultural rifts between the different breeds and clans, military doctrine, government, architecture, political and economical relations with their closest neighbors, the Raskahn, and other Aeris denizens, etc. etc.  There’s just SO MUCH information that I could gush at you guys, but I don’t even know where to begin!

Sardiryx - A Name Breakdown

Sar - Sartian descriptor for ‘of the blood’ or ‘one of the people’, often short for Sar'Tuk.

Dir - Sartian for deep blue.

Yx - Sartian descriptor for the Aves, or simply being avian.

Sardiryx’s name translates to ‘Little Blue Bird’ in the Sartian language! Also, her name is properly pronounced as Sar-Deer-ix (with a rolling of the R). :>

Her name is an easy translation due to its order of descriptors. Not all names are as easy to translate… ^^;

Updated concept I posted to Livejournal many, many months ago about my Bone Chargers – long time watchers of mine will remember these guys, at least the name. c:

I used references of my own horses (Alex, my gelding quarter horse for the Storms and Full Throttle, my gelding rocky mountain for the Swifts) for the bodies and help with the poses and proportions.

Sartuk Fun Fact

When a pair of Sartuk decide to mate, both of their names are joined together to form a new whole name. Because of this, the Sartuk prefer neutral gender names.

For example:
Male - Velos
Female - Takan

Mated together:
Male - Velostakan
Female - Takanvelos

Since the Sartuk are not privy towards long-term monogamy (they often don’t mate for life), it’s quite common to have exceptionally long names - it CAN be an insult when speaking to/about a Sartuk using only his or her first name if they are mated because then you’re disrespecting their family. It all depends on context.

Sartuk Wrestling

Ah yeah, another vivid dream!

So this morning I woke up after spectating a really cool wrestling match between Sartuk males (there was a female variant too but it wasn’t the season? Or something?)

It went a little bit like this:
- Two or four contenders (1v1 or 2v2)

- Each contender was painted up in crazy symbols and patterns - I guess to confuse the opponent(s)? Or to just look crazy/bigger than without.

- The arms are bound behind their backs safely, apparently a technique they use to keep shoulders from dislocating, etc.

- Tails are a huge tool with wrestling, along with pure body mass. It kind of harps on their serpentine ancestry where male snakes will often ‘wrestle’ for females. Sartuk wrestling can get rather brutal though — longer, lithe tails can leave whip/lash marks on opponents. Thick, muscular tails can easily break bones or bash foes over the head to leave concussions. It got pretty intense! It was really cool just watching them lock necks after a chest-charge to see who could overpower who.

- Winners in co-op modes must face off against their own partner after the initial 2v2 win. Bonds seem to be very high, almost more familial in this sport, so neither party takes offense to loss. The winner gives a gift of worth to the loser as a show of gratitude (and the spirit of the game?). I don’t know what this gift really is as it’s a personal thing, I guess.

It’s a really colorful festival, there were SO many Lesser Aeryx and a number of Aeryx in attendance, I couldn’t even count them all mixed into the crowd. There are more in Sartuk society than I thought ratio-wise. :>

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’ll try to answer questions if there are any. Add – if you’ve never seen it, here’s an example of two male pythons (?) wrestling for a female, you can also easily find cobra videos:

Aeris Horse God Origin story

Posting this here before I forget about it - from a dream I had last night about the origins of the Horse god of Aeris. It’s super condensed because I only have my phone nearby to jot it down. May make a speed paint of it later, it was incredibly vivid (well, most of my dream visits to Aeris are, but this was in striking detail).
Born a sickly silver dapple foal with a severe aversion to sunlight. Only allowed to eat, run and play alone at night while the rest of the herd slept in stables. His handler would stay up every night to keep the foal content, even teaching the basics of riding while under the gaze of the moons. On his seventh year the stallion grew uncommonly agitated and burst through his sartian handler’s hands into the daylight. His skin melted like acid the second his foreleg saw the first few rays of sun. He kept forward, dashing into the fire, his body melting almost instantly as his skeleton remained in motion.
Then his body began to take form - a golden shimmer surfaced around his bones, gaining solidarity as it created new muscle and sinew. His flesh mirrored the sun as his skin and fur trapped its golden color. His body appeared as molten chrome as he dashed around the pasture in a renewed sense of what it was to be alive.
He halted suddenly to peer back at his sartian handler. Trotting towards him, but making no more noise than the whispering wind, he bowed his head as his handler reached to stroke his chin and jowl.
And with a nicker he vanished as golden dust in the wind.
Yup, fun dream.
The horse deity oversees the bonds of sartuk rider and bonecharger, granting the then-dead horse a second chance at life with his handler in a life-bond state just as his own handler tried everything he could to keep the sickly foal alive and healthy. Horses are incredibly sacred to the sartuk, so much so that they are revered and treated as nobility. They are seen and treated as brothers and sisters in arms during war and dear friends at heart and home.

The Ada'gathi

Sartian for what is most easily translated as ‘vampire’.

Ada'gathi consist only of aether-elemented individuals such as Dar'Grelle (a Lesser Aeryx). It’s not overly common amongst their type, more of an extreme rarity as it only occurs in little less than half of 'aether born’, and there aren’t many of them to begin with. [Before I go any further, yes, Dar'Grelle is an Ada'gathi]

The rest is going to be Sartuk related (I can go into how it affects other species if the interest is there):

In Sartuk society the Ada'gathi are kept in check by the R'lok (Keepers) due to their insatiable hunger for aether be it in its rawest form (aether wells) or high content blood. Unlike earth lore where vampires have super strength, can transform, are allergic to holy water, light, and etc., Ada'gathi simply rejoice in unrivaled rejuvenation allowing them several lifetimes amongst their peers.

Ada'gathi are prized as historians due to their lifespans (though they are not immortal). Unlike most Sartuk that have skin tones and patterns shared by their genetic history, Ada'gathi are always dull, muted solid greys. As they age, freckling and mottling of whites and blacks will appear along their spine until it spreads all over their bodies.

They do not have any characteristic 'fangs’ like that in western vampiric lore, but there have been historic recounts of the first known Ada'gathi preying on their own people for sustenance. This was before the R'lok were formed to keep the peace and maintain their charges safely. It’s kind of a Jack the Ripper-esque story.

One of their most standoffish traits are their solid black eyes. The ever present 'hunger’ behind their distant gaze is known as 'adalan aska’, or 'predator’s leer’ in Sartian.

To keep hunger sated, aether in any form is often gifted to the R'lok in order to properly ration meals for their charges. When a Sartuk dies it is common place to drain the body of blood for rationing as a sign of brotherhood and understanding. The Sartuk believe that the Ada'gathi did not choose to be born in their form and strive not to punish them (although the R'lok are a necessary 'evil’ despite their protective nature). The Ada'gathi are viewed as one of the people and as a culture are greatly cherished for both their gifts to society as well as their handicaps.

Thanks for reading (and maybe even enjoying?) my head garble! :D

anonymous asked:

Are there any humans in your headworld?

There are, actually! They’re located on the eastern hemisphere of Aeris and are extremely isolated from the rest of the world.

The Raskahn and Minotaurs are the only civilized species known to trade with them, albeit extremely rarely. They usually conduct business through liaisons and other vectors; however, Minotaurs are perceived as an evil, vile race (completely contrary to their humble and gentle nature) whereas the Raskahn are depicted as noble, legendary warriors by human mythology standards. Must be their bird heads, heh. The Raskahn enjoy trading for grain and vegetables while supplying seafood; Minotaurs introduce new metals, alloys, and other composites for humans to toy with in their tools and weapons.

I’ve kept a close eye on the humans as they are more of a ‘leakage’ from our realm onto Aeris from the age of creation. They kill and destroy what they do not understand, are god fearing overall, and actively hunt the Aeryx, true and lesser, forging armor and weapons from the ‘dragons’, as the Aeryx are known to them. They’d skin Sardiryx if they ever trapped her and use her feathers as quill pens and adornments for hats, for example. They would use Robeirus’s great abdominal plated scales as shields and armor, so on and so forth.

Technologically speaking, the humans are a step below the Raskahn and Minotaurs, but they are indeed masters of agriculture.

The humans have no notion of the Wuigetti due to the extremely remote mountain territory they call home and lacking any seafaring capabilities to reach humans. The Sartuk are known only through rumors and myths, a bad omen spread by the Raskahn whom were constantly at war with the Sartuk until recently.

The Firstborn Aeryx, Ninvorah, has a special tale involving human settlements and twisted cruelty toward the Aeryx. In fact, he killed many of his own kind unknowingly as he assimilated into their culture over the hundreds of years of his life. If you search the tag ‘Ninvorah’ in the search bar his tale should pop up as I’ve posted it here a long time ago, I think.

Thanks for asking, Anon! I can always clarify more. :D

Geezus, I’ve been getting major Sartuk vibes lately, and the Tar-heel (Tar’heel? Tarheel?? I don’t know how they prefer to have that name spelt in English) have started to slowly rise up out of the murk. ‘Tar-heel’ roughly translates to ‘oil skin, night scale, or aether-torn depending on region and context.

‘Oil skin’ is more derogatory as the Tar-heel have a bit of an infamous tale surrounding the species. They predate the Sartuk (they’re one in the same save for general appearance) and originally saw the aether wells as a source for their own well-being rather than the living planet’s (Aeris) lifeblood. Down through history the Sartuk split from the Tar-heel due to differing ideologies after witnessing the corruption of lands due to aether abuse. Siding and receiving aid from the Aeryx (true dragons), the Sartuk were able to reclaim the wells after many bloody battles and skirmishes. The Tar-heel had since slinked away to the ends of Aeris, practicing their religion and ideals without disturbance. The only telltale sign of their existence for thousands of years were the rare pockets of twisted and deformed landscape. So it begs my attention as to what could they be up to now..?

May have to draw one of the Tar-heel figureheads soon as he’s quite distinct even for a Sartuk! And he challenged ME in my last dream. ME. The freaking Creator of their world, their gods, and their deities. Does he know that I prefer not to directly meddle with events? Because if he’s trying to make me rewrite the ancient past he has another thing comin’.

Sartuk, Raskahn, and Aeryx Crossbreeding - A Note

Thought I’d mention the mechanics behind interbreeding of the different species on Aeris.

As far as I know only the Aeryx, Raskahn, and Sartuk can interbreed with each other, but only to a point! The amount of aetherblood in each parent is paramount to the outcome of the offspring or lack there of. This does not include the Lesser Aeryx, like Sardiryx.*

If both inter-species parents lack aetherblood, or sport an extremely low content, they will not produce any offspring at all. Offspring can be birthed by parents whom have an aetherblood content as low as ~40% each. The percentage is loosely based on the blood’s color (I’ll have to make a chart for it later). Aether alchemists have the ability to measure the content in each parent via a scrying technique – a helpful ability for hopeful parents as well as a look into what their future offspring may look like!

Aetherblood dominancy - If one parent has a higher content of aetherblood compared to the other, the offspring has a higher chance of resembling that parent. Due to aether’s chaotic nature, it is not a guarantee however. You can still result in a Sartuk x Raskahn infant, where the Raskahn has the higher content, to appear more or purely Sartian. Because of the presence of normal science-based blood in the equation, this prevents the aetherblood from producing purely chaotic results as seen in purebred Aeryx offspring (where infants do not share traits with the parents, their physical form and attributes are governed by environment and reigning elemental deity(s), etc.).

The Half-Aeryx - These offspring, for the most part, are highly celebrated in Sartian culture. For any Aeryx deciding to mate with another race is a momentous occasion (the spreading of higher aetherblood content into the population and the inherent elemental abilities that result from that amongst other things, evolution of aesthetic appearances, etc.). Half-Aeryx appear more draconic than their Sartian or Raskaelian peers and have a minimum aetherblood content of 75%, the content will never reach 100% as seen in a purebred Aeryx, however.

Half-Aeryx are rare but most prevalent in Sartian society. It’s extremely rare in Raskahn society due to heritage tension (Raskahn are descendents of the Rog, a species resembling gryphons and are still a hostile/rival race to the Aeryx despite nearing extinction), but it can happen! The rarity behind the Half-Aeryx is due to the ritual required for consummation - a daunting process where the fusing of each parent’s aetherial essence is required as well as temporary transmogrification on the Aeryx’s behalf to suit that of their mate. Several days may pass while the Aeryx grows competent to use their temporary new body, slowing the consummation ritual.

*Breeding with Lesser Aeryx is seen as strictly taboo. Lesser Aeryx are seen as a lesser race despite their level of sentience and sapience; they are still seen as a somewhat feral race. Having sexual intercourse with one is seen as bestiality and is punishable by death in Sartian culture.

Sardi’s original home sees tropical weather and very mild winter temperatures all year long; however, she’s been involved in helping the Raskahn transition thanks to the Sartuk invasion. The continent up north is currently seeing one of the harshest winters, so she’s continually a fluff ball as she provides logistical support and helps with the transporting of rations/essential materials to the more rural and isolated villages. She scouts ahead for safer passage while the transports below trudge through the snow covered terrain.

The Sartuk have no intention to harm the Raskahn, more of a final push to end the countless wars and feuds between the two countries. Needless to say the Black Talons may or may not have provided the necessary intel to the Sartuk to oil the gears. One of their original missions was the unification of the two peoples, the original mission of His Majesty King Durahan so many centuries ago before the Great King was struck down by his son.