wow! It’s still here in my photobucket account! I can’t believe it, even for 3 years i still got it. This i a GIF image i made about 3 years ago. Seeing my pictures in the past makes me laugh. Its not about the content of the images, which was me doping around like naruto with his KAGE BUNSHIN technique, but about my size and figure. Hahaha! I again so much pounds for just 2 years. By the way that place was my former work place at Libon Albay, Windel’s COmputer Shop.

If this is true. This will be my birthday gift to mysef

Release - November 17, 2014
1. Tyler Carter / Luke Holland - Ain’t It Fun
2. August Burns Red - Wrecking Ball
3. We Came As Romans - I Knew You Were Trouble
4. Upon A Burning Body & Ice T - Turn Down For What
5. Set It Off - Problem
6. Crown The Empire - Burn
7. Oceands Ate Alaska - Drunk In Love
8. Youth In Revolt - Royals
9. Volumes - Hold On, We’re Going Home
10. Knuckle Puck - Chocolate
11. Slaves - Sweater Weather
12. State Champs - Stay The Night
13. Palisades - Happy (at Sarsale’s Residence)

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