An Eb contrabass sarrusophone. The sarrusophone is essentially a metal bassoon, the design of which borrowed heavily from saxophone design. Like the saxophone, sarrusophones came in sizes from sopranino through contrabass, but only the contrabass became popular. They are still made in Italy, and although they have been considered obsolete for 80 years or so, they are having a bit of a revival.

I was looking up things for my Oboe Reeds, and I stumbled upon a Saxophone forum, and the question was “Is there a double reed for Saxophone?”

Those on the forum argued that, no, there wasn’t, and their defense was that the bore size would make the reed ridiculously big.

I wasn’t buying into that, so I looked into it further, and I found this.

I present to you: the Sarrusophone!

Where is your god now?

Do you even double reed?