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Summer’s coming up, as is RTX and I would really, really love to go in order to meet friends, finally get to meet @firstofficerweenie in the flesh, and to network frantically with other peeps in the industry. However, with all sorts of bills popping up I don’t really have the cash.

So! I’m setting myself the goal of $250 through commissions in April/May in order to try to cover the plane ticket. (PLEASE do not just donate; if you really, really want to, you can add a tip with your commission or ask for a 10 dollar sketch/short fic but I really would feel bad getting hand-outs or gifts at this time.) more examples of my work can be found in my art tag!


  • I will giveaway one (1) bust painting to someone who likes or reblogs this post between now and April 30th - that’s a head-and-shoulders, solo character
  • First commission locked in (accepted by me, and half-payment sent) will be $40 instead of $50
  • if i don’t meet my goal, money will go towards stuff like Groceries and Rent and Savings
  • if i exceed my goal, extra money will probably go towards cosplay

contact and payment will be to bittersweetsaro(a)! thanks in advance!

OKAY SO remember this?

like, Render was one of the very first jeanmarco fics I read, and that was the very first jeanmarco fanart I made ;v;

so when I heard Saro was holding this art project for Render I just went all “mAN wouldn’t it be great to recreate that old-ass fanart i made months ago”

so here it is, the first fanart revisited ;v; i hope i’ve improved since then wELP

“Do you believe in that kind of thing? Soul mates. Past lives. … Something that lasts more than one lifetime.”

aesthetic post for Throw Away the Key (RvB, York/Carolina, AU). Thanks for an amazing year!

you’ve got sucker’s luck, have you given up?

so it’s @agentyorkdakota ‘s birthday and YOU KNOW how much i love indigo and drawing yorks in dramatic lighting so HERE IS SOME POST PFL YORK AND DELTA. delta is probably listing all the health problems smoking causes. don’t smoke, kids. 

(happy birthday, indy)