saro's art


RIGHT SO I saw the new Wonder Woman movie poster - I am politely neutral to anything comics related, disclaimer - and the anatomy just… jumped out at me as really, really off. So I flipped it around and played with it a little in SAI to see what I could figure out what’s bothering me.

They made her neck super long and just. removed her left shoulder entirely? (EDIT NOTE: both shoulders, honestly, are not where they should be) and i’m not even gonna make a joke about Escher Girls in Comics making their way into the real world too, I’m just tired. As an artist, not just as a lady sick of being sexualized. This isn’t stylized art, this is a photograph of a person supposed to look like a person. You’re a massive company launching a worldwide movie. How do you miss something as anatomically off as this?

lady-shroom asked me a little while ago to finish a scribble of my take on a titan!marco so here

Name: Amber Titan/Patient Titan

Size: ~20 meters

Known information: Despite an extremely slow regeneration time, this titan is very slow to attack even when provoked, generally holding a crouched position where it appears to be mediating.  However, it is studded with formations of a amber-like material and can flash-form this crystallized resin around whatever contacts its skin, imprisoning it.  It uses this technique to protect vital parts of its body and to collect soliders who attempt to strike it, and once it appears to have enough stuck to its body it will abruptly flee. Its victims are never seen again.

“The muscles in what’s left of his back stand out in sharp relief under the tight skin, especially at the scars where flesh meets metal like lightning. He can see wires, maybe, gleam under ivory plastic plates that curve and try to hide the mechanics underneath, and his fear of what has become of Marco Bodt twists into dark, cautious curiosity.”

trying out a bunch of new techniques bc render!marco is my baby and i owe him so many apologies