sarkyfancypants  asked:

You have a really lovely art style! :D I first found your art while the FNAF hype was blowing out from every corner of Tumblr. Moving FNAF aside, your art in general is really good!! Love the monster designs.

Omg gee 0////0 I don’t know how to say thanks without sounding disinterested or overly grateful so here’s a GIF of Putin dancing.

sarkyfancypants  asked:

I wonder if Viola was pushed down by Gascoigne to that rooftop, or did he flung her up like a ragdoll from the lower level making her land up there.

he COULD though….there’s a lotta blood leading from the “balcony” to the rooftop but it doesn’t look like hers? I mean…he could fling her up though….”whERE’D SHE GO………..”