fake movie meme: marvel’s black widow

Agent Romanoff’s got red in her ledger, and she wants to wipe it out.

After S.H.I.E.L.D.’s classified files wind up on the internet, Russia has decided that it wants its top assassin back, and they’ll do anything to get her. The Red Room, Russia’s supplier of little girls-turned killers for nearly half a century, sends its two top students from its Black Widow project, Yelena Belova and Monica Chang. Information travels far and wide after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA soon realizes that a variant of a supersoldier serum exists in the genetic makeup of the Black Widows, and sends out a graduate of its own secret training program- Viper. She is unable to locate the Red Room itself, so she goes after the Black Widow trio in an attempt to get her hands on the serum. The trio will have to run for their pre-fabricated lives- or fight for them.

starring: scarlett johansson (natasha romanoff/black widow), léa seydoux (yelena belova/black widow), nan yu (monica chang/black widow), olga kurylenko (ophelia sarkissian/viper)

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inspired by the user sistervsmonster and their post here.


Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing in Mesolithic North East Europe Unearths a New Sub-Clade within the Broadly Distributed Human Haplogroup C1

  • by Clio Der Sarkissian, Paul Brotherton, Oleg Balanovsky, Jennifer E. L. Templeton, Bastien Llamas, Julien Soubrier, Vyacheslav Moiseyev, Valery Khartanovich, Alan Cooper, Wolfgang Haak, The Genographic Consortium

“The human mitochondrial haplogroup C1 has a broad global distribution but is extremely rare in Europe today. Recent ancient DNA evidence has demonstrated its presence in European Mesolithic individuals. Three individuals from the 7,500 year old Mesolithic site of Yuzhnyy Oleni Ostrov, Western Russia, could be assigned to haplogroup C1 based on mitochondrial hypervariable region I sequences. However, hypervariable region I data alone could not provide enough resolution to establish the phylogenetic relationship of these Mesolithic haplotypes with haplogroup C1 mitochondrial DNA sequences found today in populations of Europe, Asia and the Americas. In order to obtain high-resolution data and shed light on the origin of this European Mesolithic C1 haplotype, we target-enriched and sequenced the complete mitochondrial genome of one Yuzhnyy Oleni Ostrov C1 individual. The updated phylogeny of C1 haplogroups indicated that the Yuzhnyy Oleni Ostrov haplotype represents a new distinct clade, provisionally coined “C1f”. We show that all three C1 carriers of Yuzhnyy Oleni Ostrov belong to this clade. No haplotype closely related to the C1f sequence could be found in the large current database of ancient and present-day mitochondrial genomes. Hence, we have discovered past human mitochondrial diversity that has not been observed in modern-day populations so far. The lack of positive matches in modern populations may be explained by under-sampling of rare modern C1 carriers or by demographic processes, population extinction or replacement, that may have impacted on populations of Northeast Europe since prehistoric times” (read more/open access).

(Open access sourcePLoS ONE 9(2): e87612, 2014; top image: Scottish Archaeological Research Network)


I must say, it rarely takes me three full days to be granted an audience.” / “Truly, sir, I’m sorry.” / “Some time ago you came to my office. You said you know Paul Briggs. You said you know what he’s capable of. What is Paul Briggs capable of?” / “I’m not sure I’m following, sir.” / “What’s he planning?” / “I don’t think he’s planning anything. I think he’s committed to taking down the Sarkissians, despite the fact that you’re going got make him take the fall for it. You backed him into an impossible corner.” / “Agent Warren?” / “Sorry. I wish I had more to tell you. If Paul’s up to something, it’s news to me. Anything else, sir?” / “No, you’re free to go.”

Very Abridged Gifland 3.08: So It’s ‘Paul’ Now? Well That Escalated Quickly

Wall Ship Journal watching this episode…
Pre-final scene: Wow, Graceland, thanks for sailing our ship!
Post-final scene: Never mind.