Слово «сарказм» (sarkasmos от греч.) означает кожу, снятую с тела убитого врага. Буквально - «рву мясо». Из снятой кожи солдат шил накидку победителя. Теперь это слово звучит больно. 

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abby tehehe

YEAH THAT’S NOT YOUR NAME OR ANYTHING. once upon a blog dedicated to robert pattinson and kristen stewart started following me many years ago and I began to talk to her and her name was abby. we became the best of friends because we both loved similar things, most importantly spongebob above the two obvious celebrities, and lady gaga as well. our common interests drew us closer together and sometimes I’d stay up talking to her into the night about random shit. I grew to love her a lot and she’s got a special place in my heart because she’s still as amazing as she was when I first met her

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Oh, believe me I understand that. I'm trying not to really mention the whole coming out thing because I understand why people are bothered by that. I'm just annoyed that people are getting all pissed at Finn, when Santana is the one who made him defensive.

Yeah, I think Santana's comment's about him during her apology was uncalled for. She was apologizing, you shouldn't continue to bully during an apology.