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Bu da benim serseri serbest stilim

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Sarjes “Princess … Why did you choose that boy Tenma first?”

Katora: “I felt … The power of the heart … Inside Tenma …” (or literal accurately “I felt … Inside Tenma … The power of the heart …”)

Sarjes: “Heh … I’m jealous, he stole the heart of the princess that way …”

Katora: “‘Steal’ …”

Space Rankers in nutshell.
Acrous: “Tsurugi I’m going to test you if you’re worth to marry my Lalaya.”
Tsurugi “But-“
Sarjes: “Yo, Tenma! We’ll test you guys to see if you’re worth to be Princess’ knight as you want to!”
Tenma “But I…”
Acrous: “Sarjes and I combined our teams and made the universe’s strongest team!”
Sarjes: “Yeah it’s called space rankers so let’s battle! I’m 200%… No, 300% ready!”
*after match*
Acrous: “You guys are strong indeed. Nothing less from the strongest team of the universe. Anyway I’m not going to let you marry Lalaya since you seem to think only about soccer.”
Tsurugi: “Ok.”
Sarjes: “Aww yeah that was great match! You guys are sure strong!”
Tenma: “Yeah… But Sarjes, I really don’t think I want to be a knight….”
Sarjes: “Oh that? It was a lie haha I didn’t even think of you’d become Princess’ knight.”
Tenma: “WHAT!?”

Then there was that part they were supposed to turn into Pixies (or die???) and never turn back but they got Life Energy power and they will reborn again in actual bodies (not just Pixies) and they disappeared and after it it was like.

Tenma: “Do you think Sarjes and Acrous will play soccer with us when they’re born again?”
Tsurugi: “I’m sure of it.”
Tenma: “Goodbye, Sarjes and Acrous, let’s meet again!!”