Ahhh Random reblogs mixed with some posts of today’s shenanigans at AnimeDestiny because I’m so tired I can’t decide on what to do so I’m mult-tasking rather incomprehensibly. Sorry sorry~

  • Carpooled up with friends Napoleon and Sarith and helped them set up AA table.
  • Cosplayed from Shingeki. (MudaDanchou as Erwin, me as Hanji, Shamsel as a cross between cannon-fodder/Levi, and celebistar as Mikasa.)
  • Neighboring artist cutie gave Shamsel and I a Collossal Titan pin and I forgot to get her info asljgalgj ;A; THANK YOU!!!
  • Explored dealers, AA, and heckled friends.
  • Somehow got roped into helping judge cosplay contest. Again. //shakes fist at Useless Commander//
  • Followed Danchou around like a line of ducklings for an hour.
  • Heckled Danchou as to whether or not he was doing work.
  • Pulled into 2 mini photoshoots while awaiting cosplay contest and got some good black-mail fodder on Danchou.
  • Cursing Danchou for pulling me away from my titans to judge a contest.
  • Food shenanigans and photo-ceptions. Yes yes.

General-ish summary of the day, ahaha…All of us were so tired from lack of sleep that we were just heckling each other back and forth like crazy. I was probably the worst offender and I thank my friends for not taking me seriously.

I can’t wait for the photoshoot pictures because we made our Erwin pose in the, “Paint me like one of your French Girl” pose. Couldn’t stop laughing…(Also because we all completely forgot to get pics of ourselves ahaha…)

I don’t know how much sense this post makes anymore. Good night. Maybe. |D