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Name: Faris Scherwiz
Age: 20
Weapon of Choice: Brave Blade
Primary Role: Commando; Close Range
Secondary Role: Sentinel; decoy

Personality: Faris is a talented, brave, and outspoken young woman. That being said, she is also obnoxious, rash, and headstrong. She values her freedom above all else, and in that sense can be somewhat selfish. The way she interacts with people can vary person by person. Generally, she begins any interaction in a fairly friendly way. Depending on how this paired with her confident personality rubs people and how they react to it, Faris can become a strong and caring force in their life; she is fiercely protective of those she cares about. In teamwork/mission settings, Faris will do what it takes to get the job done, but she detests any and all formality and will always try to keep the tone of the group casual.

Her androgyny is another interesting aspect of her personality. Faris has always been able to come off as attractive as a man and a woman; and she knows it. While she has lived the past several years of her life as a man, she joins the Army of Taejin (male, for now) with the knowledge that she will eventually come to play up both sides of her gender spectrum.

Background: Born into a high end and aristocratic family, the wild and unruly Faris often felt stifled by her home life growing up. As a child, she fought tooth and nail against her parents’ expectations for her, and eventually they relented just enough to sign her up for fencing lessons—hoping that the activity would at least cause her boundless energy to collect and help her calm down and become the “princess” they had wanted. It had the opposite effect. Realizing that she was prodigious with a sword only fueled Faris’s determination to carve her own path. At thirteen, she chose to take her life into her own hands by running away from home and stowing away on a pirate ship—leaving all socialite expectations behind her.

The Captain of the ship—the Syldra—that Faris found herself on discovered her hiding on board but was impressed by her spunk and “pirate-y” attitude; he quickly decided to take her in, and raise her like a son. Because of the male-centric and overall rowdy nature of the pirate world, the Captain felt it would be safest for Faris to grow up amongst their ranks as a male. She quickly embraced this male identity for herself. By the age of fifteen, Faris had established herself as one of the best pirates on board, and when the beloved (and elderly) Captain died he left his ship in the hands of the teenager who was like his own child.

Captain Faris ran the Syldra well, and earned the highest respect from her men. Even as she grew older and the crew slowly began catching on to her true gender, they kept quiet and respected her privacy. At the age of twenty, Faris had grown mature to enough to realize that maybe, just maybe, she had hurt her parents by running away, and charted a course back to the city she grew up in. Before arrival, she dyed her blonde hair purple to avoid people in town recognizing her. Tragedy struck that night as Faris’s home city was besieged  and overrun by the same kinds of monster invasion threatening Oerba. While trying to escape, the Syldra was attacked  and destroyed as well. Her city in ruins, her ship and crew obliterated, Faris escaped with nothing but her life and her sword; she promised then to use that sword to help end the monstrous violence engulfing the world.

Writing Sample: Faris stumbled a little, almost tripping on an upturned root. She gritted her teeth and cursed the surrounding foliage, blaming it for her clumsy act. Unstable decks caught up in the rocking waves of a storm? Faris could do a waltz on them without a hitch. Steering her ship through a typhoon? Hell, she could do that blindfolded. She belonged on a ship, damnit. Not this earthy, green-ridden landscape.

Try as she might to make excuses, there was no denying that the real cause was fatigue. Fatigue and plain ol’ hunger. Between her family, the Captain, and her crew, Faris had never had to go it alone before, and doing it in this messy terrain wasn’t helping.

She sighed and brushed her purple bangs out of her face. Purple. That was going to take a while to get used to. She snorted at herself. The hell was I thinking? Purple hair would fool everyone in town that had known her until that faithful day she ran away? If anything, they were more likely to overlook her due to her male appearance.

Subconsciously, Faris rubbed at the bandaging around her chest that held it back and in place. After losing her ship, and (barely) surviving and making it back to shore, Faris had made two snap decisions. She had heard of the Army of Taejin—Oerba’s organized retaliation to the threats overtaking their world—and she planned on enlisting. This was her fight now. In her time, she had lived two different lives: the rebellious rich girl, and the dominating (male) Captain to a ship of pirates. It was time to make soldier the third installment of her story. Her second decision was to enter Oerba as a man. Although there was no need to be the man she’d grown into anymore, Faris was accustomed to this identity now. Maybe with time, she would grow comfortable enough to play up both sides of her androgyny but until then the bandages would stay.

With those reflections in mind, Faris ran her hand once more over the flattened and restrained area of her chest before continuing her long trek to Oerba.

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