The biggest flaw I find with Lexa is the fact she’s the Commander of the grounders.

Now, I’m not saying that she, a cannonically lesbian, cannot be a leader what I’m saying is there is no legitmate reason the grounders would except her as a leader.

The show portrays the Grounders as a culture of war hardened people and have strong values regarding courage, fearlessness, self sacrifice, and strength.

And throughout the all the episodes we see Lexa, she doesn’t fight in a single one.

There are literally no full fighting scenes with Lexa. We don’t see her in battle, we don’t see her use any particular weapon with any mastery of skill, and she is a very weak leader.

In the episode when Clarke and Lexa are attacked by the gorilla, a highly dangerous creature that has been living in the same area as the tree people for literally generations. One would think Lexa would know where it dwelled and generally how to deal with it.

No. She becomes the damsal in distress.

She is a weak fighter and an even weaker leader, the only strong point she has is that she’s clever.

But it was obvious from the beginning the grounders would never sarifice themselves for the 100. The only reason they even considered helping the 100 is because they offered to get their people from the mountain men.

It was clear from the beginning the grounders would never fight for or beside the 100.

Now from common knowledge of war-like cultures there are only a few ways lexa could have become leader with little opposition.

One of her parents was the previous commander. which would insinuate a royal grounder family.

Self sacrifice, meaning she did a great deed in battle.

Or she was elected as commander.

All of these are likely but not probably.

It doesn’t make sense, and even then their loyalty to her would’ve been shaken or completely ruined with Costia’s death.

Who wants to follow a leader that can’t even protect the person they care for the most?

Lexa is the most prominent queer baiting character I have ever seen.

it breaks my heart to see emma, who has spent so much time accepting her role as the saviour, being responsible for everyone’s happy endings, ready to sarifice - and sacrificing herself for others in the process - and, basically not getting anything for it, see someone else falsely accepting that role only in name. getting the accolades that for once this title brought, even if not for long, while emma’s still suffering from actually doing the ~job. 

a simple ‘unfair’ is rather underwhelming in this situation.