saria's song


Our slow jam version of Saria’s Song! Enjoy :)

I could groove to this!

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Lost Woods
Lost Woods

I remember listening to this album ages ago, and thought I’d use it for my first original post on this blog. Of all the remixes and orchestrated versions of the Lost Woods Theme/Saria’s Song, this one stands out the most to me for its originality, and it has always boggled my mine to think this is an official soundtrack album for Ocarina of Time. The entire album together is hit or miss, but this track is really chill, and great to listen to if you wanna change things up with Zelda music.

Today i did some “Ocarina of Time” drawings, i’m in love with that game! used markers again 🦉🌲🌳☘️❤️❤️❤️🔸🔷🌋⛰ / hoy hice dibujos de “Ocarina of time” estoy enamorado de ese juego, use marcadores de nuevo 🤓🖍


“Lost Woods”, from Ocarina of Time, which implements elements of Saria’s Song. This was actually was one of the first lead sheets that I did for the project (along with the GoT theme, Windmill Hut, and Outset Island), but hasn’t been posted until now so that the Zelda lead sheets would be a little more spaced out.

Tomorrow: Final Fantasy VII!