saria's song


Our slow jam version of Saria’s Song! Enjoy :)

I could groove to this!

#forestinktober Day 5: “The Lost Girls”

So I’m sure a million other people are going to do Saria for today’s theme but darn it I don’t care! I thought about what it meant to be lost and it made me think a bit about Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess. I liked the idea of Skull Kid being one of the lost children who had become lost in a different sense of the word. So Saria, having witnessed the death of her best friend in the battle with Ganondorf, becomes broken, depressed, and lost in her own head. She eventually spiraled into madness, becoming what all Kokiri fear will happen to them if they are not careful enough with their hearts…

Anyway, see y'all tomorrow for more #inktober posts! <3!

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Lost Woods
Lost Woods

I remember listening to this album ages ago, and thought I’d use it for my first original post on this blog. Of all the remixes and orchestrated versions of the Lost Woods Theme/Saria’s Song, this one stands out the most to me for its originality, and it has always boggled my mine to think this is an official soundtrack album for Ocarina of Time. The entire album together is hit or miss, but this track is really chill, and great to listen to if you wanna change things up with Zelda music.


“Saria’s Song” - Koji Kondo

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

12-hole Transverse Taiwanese C Ocarina