This particular artist managed to perfectly replicate the OoT/MM art style and “anime-ify” it. If a Zelda anime were to ever happen, it NEEDS to have this art style as it’s literally perfect in every way possible.

THIS is how you stay true to the original art style while putting a new spin on it.

Not only are these pictures simply gorgeous beyond everything, these are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen and is one of the best art styles I’ve ever seen. It’s a sin that it doesn’t even have 2500 views.

There’s many more where this came from so check them out at the original source here

Fun fact: The picture of Beast Ganon is based off some concept art of him from Hyrule Historia

Edit: Here’s Saria and Darunia which I forgot to add.


Zelda - Saria’s Song Hip Hop Beat

Pro is standing in the center of the living room with a whiteboard behind ir.

“You all may be wondering why I’ve brought you here today.”

“I’m just wondering where you got that whiteboard.”

“It was in my room. Anyway, I’ve brought you all here today to discuss something very important: Quill’s universe and the version of Brook that came from there.” Ie crosses ir arms.

“After comparing people from this universe to what we know about people from Quill’s universe, I think we can safely say that Quill’s universe, to some extent, is a reversal of ours.”

“…A reversal?”

Ie nods. “Take Brook, for example.” Ie turns to the whiteboard and writes Brook’s name, drawing a line underneath it and listing qualities. “From opinions gathered by Daniel, Brook’s good qualities are selflessness, kindness, and responsibility. His negative qualities are gullibility, bad combat skills, and…selflessness, according to Saria.”

“I said what I meant, and I meant what I said.”

“…Anyway.” Ie turns back to the whiteboard and writes A.Brook on the other side of the board, repeating the process. “From what I’ve been told about the alternate Brook, we can say that he’s selfish, malicious, and pretty much a huge bully. However, he’s also shown to be very good at combat.”

“…He used curses and dirty tricks. Our Brook just uses a sword.”

“And the other Brook is a war criminal, too. All of these traits put together make the alternate Brook pretty much the opposite of ours.”

“…How do we know this isn’t just a coincidence?”

“Tempest is a murderer who’s completely taken on the role of a cursed child, while Ash has sworn off murder and is trying to accept the fact that the curse isn’t real. Tempest has repeatedly said that Ichorite is a corrupt goddess and is still alive in phir universe, implying that she’s taken on the role of either Seroh-Edici or Malice. Tempest apparently attacked the alternate version of Saria and lopped off one of her arms, as opposed to Saria attacking Ash.”

“…I-I see your point. What do we do about it, then?”

“We find a villain that’s absolutely horrible at just about everything, and then we find the alternate version of them so they can help us. Preferably, someone outside of the oracle clans.”

“Because having one extra person is definitely going to help against what could end up being multiple armies.” Sarcasm.

the best moment in zelda is the moment at the start of ocarina when saria gives you her shitty non-sacred ocarina and you just fuckin. bolt.