sari draws

Into the Crystal Desert we go! This gang is sure excited about all the new adventures waiting there, though some of them probably more than others.

Expansion hype aside, I was invited into the ArenaNet Partner Program, so now I can draw even more plant people with official support from ArenaNet!! This also means I have my own referal links you can use for buying/trying the game, so I made this handy Guild Wars 2 info page here that has those and some other gw2 related stuff!

Happy birthday my spirit animal of cat lovers, Lord Mitsuhide~! Keep awesome and love cats moreeeeeee \(✪ω✪)/


Me: wow look at all the cool skelinktons people are making

Me to me: DRAW THEM. A L L  O F  T H E M.

Tundra and the skelinkton species belong to @7goodangel

Indigo belongs to @napstayore

Sari belongs to @weezy-pup

Coraline belongs to @charases

EDIT: made coraline’s shirt plaid

Thank you, that’s sweet of you to say!

You could take a somewhat serious route where the Autobots order Bee to stop it because they think it’s reckless, kinda like this:

Or you could have the Autobots being okay with it, because with shipping, no conflict is kinda fun sometimes.

I think both can lead to interesting scenarios, it depends on what kind of story you want :3